How early do you start "nesting"?

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leanbh1 Posts: 473
In all my books it says pg women start to go mad on the diy and cleaning in the weeks leading up to the birth,so why at 20 weeks am i going nuts getting the house in order??Dh and I were arguing about it yesterday because I've decided I want the whole house painted (in fairness its all magnolia and hasn't been painted in 4 years-its grubby!),furniture shifted,thrown out,replaced,the nursery started...the list goes on.Today i've cleaned out the kitchen drawers and organised them,cleaned out under the stairs and put away all summer coats into the spare room.. Is this normal???Its starting to annoy me because I feel like there's soooo much to do before babs arrives in jan and come Oct/Nov I just amn't going to have the energy to do it all..I just cant relax.(hence the arguing cos I feel he is not getting this at ALL and is not contributing to the preparations >:o( ) Whats wrong with me??? O:|
Hot Mama Posts: 206
We have just finished "nesting" The whole house is painted, all new blinds doors etc, and babs nursery is finished - such a lovely feeling. I can relax now
leanbh1 Posts: 473
[quote="Snuggle Muff":3rsxd9ot]We have just finished "nesting" The whole house is painted, all new blinds doors etc, and babs nursery is finished - such a lovely feeling. I can relax now[/quote:3rsxd9ot] Thanks-that makes me feel a lot better!! :action34 Aaaaggh-I'm so far behind!!
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Jesus girls, we just got the timber flooring and paint for the babies room the weekend, other than that we've dont nothing!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Don't worry Jeidi - DD is ten weeks old and I [b:az7gw48q]still[/b:az7gw48q] haven't hit the nesting phase.
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I'd love to hit the nesting phase! We're living with the out laws so really only our own room and we have now taken over a small room downstairs as well! The room downstairs is grand the way it is but our own room is a tip! Stuff EVERYWHERE! Would love to get the urge to clean it all out! Really needs to be done and since most of it is mine I better be the one to do it! Every night I go to bed I say to myself I'm going to start first thing in the morning! Get up then and the novelty has worn off!
jarashow Posts: 3083
My family were laughing at the nesting concept saying 'how will we know when you are as it's normal routine for you' LOL Getting attic converted at the moment and they only started today and it takes 3 weeks, so will only have 3 weeks afterwards till due date to do everything... have decided I am getting in a cleaning firm to do it all for me as honestly don't think I will have the energy when it gets to the time.
annabella Posts: 190
well glad i'm not the only one, i was like a mad woman last week painting all upstairs in house, worked like mad for a few days and was too shattered to finish!! gonna start on downstairs and then nursery as soon as possible - i feel like there is so much to organise before babs arrives!! nice to know i' m not alone. how far in advance do you need to order cot/pram etc???
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
hey all im almost 27 weeks and only starting to take interest in the house again, we have dormer bungalow and never got to do upstairs but we are getting a painter in next week to start and we have one floor, as for nursery that is down stairs beside our room has magnolia paint and floor so i just have to clean it out and decide what to do then, i will do that myself, we need to get wardrobe built in too so when im off next week ill get into that, not sure what colors to go for as i dont know what the sex of the baby is, babes will be in with us for 1st few months anyway so plenty of time. i did go mad cleaning a bit sat but got very tired doing it, so dont over do it girls....the fridge is annoying me at the moment, i reckon ill get into that this week, needs a good scrubbing.
leanbh1 Posts: 473
Glad to know i'm not alone on this anyway! :o0 Its so hard to decide what colours to do the nursery in when you dont know the baby's sex.I don't like the neutral brown/creams etc.Another dilemma..