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booboo Posts: 622
Did any of ye go dress shopping 18 mths before the big day? I rang a shop today as I saw one of her dresses in a bridal magazine a I just cannot wait to try it on...I love it She almost dropped the phone when I said that my wedding wasn't for another 18 months..claiming it was way too I had to bull sh#t and say that we might be bringing the wedding forward til end of nxt year..She was ok then... I just want to see if the dress suits me..I have looked at a million mags and its the only one that really stands out for me...
aoife1 Posts: 333
Hiya If you think you're bad, I'm not getting married for another 21 months!!! And I've been looking at mags and websites non-stop! I fully intend to go trying on dresses and lie through my teeth that it's Sept 06 and not 07 that I'm getting married!! I couldn't be bothered listening to salesgirls looking at me like I'm a freak and "way too early"'s none of their business IMO. So go ahead and go for it I say! Happy shopping Aoife1
corkpk Posts: 12
my advice would be wait for a while before you buy the dress. By all means go and try on the dress and tell a white lie as to the real wedding dtae. I bought my dress in June 05 and Im not getting married till June 06 and although I only saw the dress once I am very unsure as to whether I'll still like it. I am actually going back today to try it on. So fingers crossed.
booboo Posts: 622
thx girls...I have no intention of buying it now..but I really wanna see if I even like it ya know...good luck..corkpk hope u still like it!!!
I Do Posts: 102
I dont think your mad, I was a bit like that at the start when I got engaged, I was full on planning it, then one day I just realised it was so long away (well not anymore, 9 months aaaaggghhh) but I just got all weddinged out - plus I also didnt want it to take over my life (I know it does)! So I only start organising things again a few weeks ago, Im so excited and really enjoying it now. But we all go at our own pace, just enjoy it!