How, exactly, do you get to Smithfield flower market?

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red Posts: 444
Hi, I've taken a wander in the general direction of the market before (not when its open) but don't know if I was actually in the right place. How exactly do you get there? What are the opening times and any recommendations for sellers I should deal with? Thankyou.
jess08 Posts: 481
I know i was wandering around Smithfield aimlessly just last week :o0 :o0 but then i remembered that its actually in the fruit market a bit closer to town. If you take the Luas its 1 stop closer to town than smithfield. There is a really large indoor fruit market to the north of the luas line, you cant miss it as there are always forklifts flying around with boxes of fruit etc. When you go inside have a wander round and you will see the flower stalls, there are a couple of them. If you ask someone they will tell you the exit that leads you right out to tip top (or whatever its called) the florists shop that sells all the bits and bobs. Sorry if im not clear, im half asleep, still recovering from last night! :hic but hope this helps!!
ollyr Posts: 101
If you are walking, the easiest way is to give directions from Mary St - walk to end of onto Capel St. Cross over and take side St that runs between the AIB and Slattery's pub. Walk up a 100 mtrs or so and its on your left, opposite Brendans Caff! Its combined with the fruit and veg market and opens early. You are probably best getting there early-ish yourself. Cant recommend one seller over another as have only ever bought birthday/work bouquets etc.
red Posts: 444
Thanks guys. :thnk
jmeath Posts: 5740
URGENT!!!!!!!!!! Thinking of headin to the flower market now for something to do. Is it open all day?
Star08 Posts: 423
yes - does anyone know the opening times?
Innuendo Wedding Band Posts: 287
It opens about 6am and closes around 3.30pm :thnk
Star08 Posts: 423
fantastic - thanx O-O
frecklz Posts: 1839
What I heard was the flower part was only open Mon and Thurs. Also heard the whole thing was closing down. :o(
sweensie Posts: 3
Hey all I went into the flower markets in smithfield about 2 weeks ago. I went in around 9am, thinking they closed at around 10 as id read in a previous post they did, but it turned out they dont close until about 2.30, but if you go after 9 its better as they are really busy before 9. they open Mon-Fri 6.30ish to 2.30 and they also open Saturday until 12.30, which is nice to know! I dealt with davy Byrne flowers, and Karenita was the lady dealing with me, very nice lady and very helpful. I will be going in during the week before work to order what I need, she said I only need to order it 2 weeks before the wedding (wedding the end of May). I worked out the amounts of flowers I need and it all works out approximately €320, not including greenery, which i forgot to get a price for. All in all a very nice experience! bring along a camera also to take pictures of flowers you want so you can remind youself how nice they are :o0