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Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
Just realised, on my wedding day, I'll have: False Tan False Eyelashes False Nails False Teeth (well, whitened anyway) False Boobs (as in chicken fillets) False Height (good pair of heels) False Virtue (wearing white) :-8 Prob would be strange, if I didnt actually wear all this stuff all the time, so I'm not going to look tooooo different, but its funny to think about. :o0 How false will you be on the day????
Wifey-Pooh Posts: 2125
On that list I only had false height and even then, they were low cos I'm the same height as hubby when we're in socks. Like you, I stuck very much to my usual self!
bangel Posts: 2285
Same here wifey pooh. False height (I'm only 4'10") so may make it to 5'1". Hair is not dyed, not going for tan. Boobs are big enough!!
Bree Van De Kamp Posts: 1275
False height - heels. False hair - dyed slightly darker and curled and up instead of straight and down. False face - makeup done much better than normal. False eyelashes - tinting them and applying individual false eyelashes to make my eyes stand out a bit more. False nails - only on toes though. Am getting gel toenails in french manicure on recommendation from my hairdresser, save me having to pant toe nails on honeymoon. False teeth - once crest whitening strips arrive on time. False bodyhair - or lack of it, having full leg and brazillian wax.