How far apart should contractions be b4 you go to hospital?

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Aug Dream Posts: 142
Hi Ladies, We were advised at our ante-natal class, as to how many minutes apart contractions should be before you go to the hospital, but I am not sure what the midwife said (pregnancy brain drain!!). The hubbie is the same. I think she said you should be going to the hospital when they are 15 minutes apart - would that be right? We're a 20 minute drive, with little or no chance of traffic jams from the hospital. Would really appreciate any advice you could give me. Best of luck to you all Aug Dream :thnk :thnk
NotHere Posts: 10273
Im not sure if I'll follow this advice, but my midwife told me that we'd be as well to not leave the house until the contractions are 5 minutes apart and we live approx 45mins from the hospital!
Ducky Posts: 2506
I wouldn't go until they were 10 mins apart at least. That's what we were told but I was induced so can't comment further. Others I know waited until every 3min and I must say, it was only when mine reached every 3 min that I was glad to be in the hospital. If I had gone myself, I planned to stay home until they were about 5 mins apart, but we are only 15 min away.
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
i waited till they were 3-4 mins apart and we are 20 mins away
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I was told to try and hang on until I have 3 contractions in 10 mins. I live in Navan and am attending the Rotunda so we'll see that time it all starts happening at before we decide when to go in.
Lady Di Posts: 2487
We live an hour away/hour and a half in traffic so she told us we should leave for the hosp when the contractions are 8 - 10 mins apart and lasting 60 - 90 seconds!
Italy07 Posts: 5409
I left at 2-3 mins apart and we would be about 25 mins from the hospital but it was the middle of the night so we didnt' have to worry about traffic. Good luck.
charli Posts: 5994
Well i think the rule is go straight away if waters go - (lots of times you can be sent home again to allow labour to progress but at least they check water for infection etc) on my first pregnancy i was induced and would have stayed at home, getting pains every 15 mins or so as they werent bad, gradually they went to 10 minutes, but after waters went they were 5 mins apart and went to 3 mins very quickly so if it goes like that now ill wait until waters go and take it from there.
chilledout Posts: 834
We left when my contractions were 4 mins apart. DH put his foot down and we sped to the hospital as I thought I was going to have the baby in the car. I couldn't believe I was only 2cm dilated when we got to the hospital. DS was born 24 hours later!
Lady Di Posts: 2487
God chilledout I can't believe they were 4 mins apart and you were only 2cms!! Did they get longer again if it took 24 hours?