How far do you live from the hospital?

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Tigletts Posts: 2904
I live in north Dublin, and am thinking of going for the Rotunda, cause it's the nearest one, but am now worried that if I have to go at rush hour for example, I could be stuck in traffic jams for an hour :eek :eek How about the rest of you?
bellabella Posts: 2750
I live 2 hours away from the hospital and thats without traffic :eek I cannot even think about it without feeling sick.
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Think you can use the bus lanes in an emergency or why not call your local guards and ask if possible for an escort. You can also call for an ambulance to take you in.
clucky Posts: 26471
i live in mullingar and there is a maternity hospital 5 minutes drive from me but god willing when the time comes i will be travelling to Dublin so about 1 hour away
MrsHawaii05 Posts: 488
i live in dublin 15 and i attneded the rotunda...was in labour most of the night and got a taxi at 7am that morning to avoid'll be having pains for afew hours before you could go in so you could work around that ie...if u get painsa t 7am you could hang on till 1pm or what i did, got first pains at 11pm up all night then booked a taxi for early to avoid traffic, you'll be fine, try not to worry.
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Yikes bella :eek I didn't realise you could call an ambulance Tedsters? Ah well.... no point in worrying about that yet I suppose. Early days.... Sometimes I feel I'm getting too far ahead with myself. Told all the family and a few friends at the weekend :-8 But as my brother says, it's wonderful news to spread, no point in worrying about what may happen.
minibride Posts: 74
I live on the southside and have picked Mt.Carmel as its only a 10 min drive from our house - but I dont think you've much choice - is it not either Holles St or the Rotunda you can choose from? A friend of mine has 4 kids and lives in Malahide and had all 4 in Rotunda and no problems. It may sound silly - and I've yet to do it myself - but you should work out the best route to the hospital both during rush-hour and regular times and see how long it takes you and the most direct route! I wouldnt worry about it too much - especially if it's your first - as you'll probably know you are starting contractions and the time between that and when the baby is born will probably be significant - so no fear of having baby in car etc!! Mention to your hospital/doc the next time you go and ask them their opinion on when you should start the journey once you confirm your in labour! Best of luck.
AliB Posts: 59
I'm really lucky. Going to Rotunda, and live less than a mile away so I can always walk if the traffic is really bad!
Tigletts Posts: 2904
I don't think I could wait though, I'd be worried it would happen fast. My friend had her first last year, she was induced as was overdue, but gave birth in 1 and a half hours :eek :eek
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Could you do a trial run nearer the time to set your mind at ease? It might take less time than you think. Definitely go to the closest hospital. I'm about 45 mins from the Rotunda (with no traffic) and 30 mins from Drogheda (no traffic). Opted for Drogheda as there's usually much less traffic on the way there - and it's pretty much all motorway. It's unlikely that you'll need to do a mad dash (all those births in the back of taxis in the soaps are v. misleading) but no harm to have it all timed out just as reassurance.