How far long in advance to book antenatal Classes?

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Christmasmammy Posts: 120
Hiya Ladies, Think the title says it all really. Hitting 25 weeks this week and would love to do a class around 30-32weeks... Are the classes booked up well in advance, am I too early or too late? Thanks :lvs Ps.. I am attending Rotunda Public
Daff Posts: 11644
i'd give them a ring today as they usually book up very fast but they might have a space open for you.
Christmasmammy Posts: 120
Just gave them a call- Left mg on answering machine Hopefully I aint too late
pag Posts: 633
They are very good at getting back to you so will fit you in as soon as they can. Usually they run an initial class around 20wks and then from that they schedule in the remaining classes. The first and last are physio and are brilliant - well worth attending. Fingers crossed they contact you soon.
Christmasmammy Posts: 120
I ideally would like to be booked in for class 3 (Labour) and then cont from there. I know the ideal Gestation age is 30-32 weeks, but I just wanna make sure that I get my slot. Awh yeah they are pretty fast on returning calls, not too worries about that
mrsp2010 Posts: 1461
i had forgotton to call to book mine was supposed to do it and book at week 16 but i phoned at week 20 and i just got in! they book up so quickly! id say dont put it off better booking early to be safe =)
Christmasmammy Posts: 120
They've just rang Got it for next week- :o)ll :o)ll
ScissorsGirl Posts: 785
Hey girls So do u think i should start booking in then too...?? ill be 25 wks on Thurs and i didnt do the 1st on but think i would like to do the rest of them...On my last scan at 22 wks i was told im back in 7th Sept and i could book my Anti nanal apps then...maybe i should ring and book... Are they on every day like?? IM clueless anout all this TBH :-8
cindarellawoman Posts: 390
I tried to book at 12wks and I was told they were booked out! but would hope to organise more so a few days later, I got a letter with the new antenatal class dates!!! So I would go about itif you have not done so already ;o)
ScissorsGirl Posts: 785
Whoops...looks like ive been pretty relaxed about all that i must get on to it...ill call them tomorrow...thanks O-O