How fattening is white wine??

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Decisions11 Posts: 1246
I :lvs white wine. I didn't think it was as fattening as beer but just found out its worse as its filled with sugar, is this true?>?
Momof2 Posts: 3884
As a hardened wine drinker there are up to an amazing 1000 calories in a bottle so someone told me anyway she said if you've two bottles at the weekend its like eating an extra days food.. I was like :eek Sorry to be the bearer of bad news
Decisions11 Posts: 1246
Thanks, I needed to hear that.. bye bye white wine :o(
Carmcd Posts: 146
Anyone know what the WW points are for a bottle of wine off hand?
chloe2009 Posts: 454
[quote="Carmcd":3rrvk1bk]Anyone know what the WW points are for a bottle of wine off hand?[/quote:3rrvk1bk] My lead used to say 7 to 7.5 for a bottle of white wine but I used to count 8 to be on the safe side - she used to tell us to save 2 points a day then we could have our vino at the weekend with out worrying!
Carmcd Posts: 146
Cheers Chloe, that is not too bad actually!
sugarkk Posts: 1384
To answer your question - not in the least bit fattening! There is no fat at all in white wine - but I think you're wondering about the amount of calories in it. As previous poster said, there's 7.5 points in a bottle of wine - that's at a percentage of about 9 or 10. If you were having a much higher percentage bottle, that may go up to 8 points. Anyhoo, red is the same as white and compared to drinking beer, which has far more calories, wine is by far the better choice. Alternatively, any "white" spirits with a diet drink or sugar-free tonic is about the same. Enjoy your few glasses, as long as your not knocking back bottles every night it isn't the worst sin in the world.