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vidia Posts: 2960
Just wondering, the boss was talking about a multi-millionaire today who I never had heard of. Boss said yer man never had a new car, drove a car nearly 10 years old and as it konked out, his daughter bought him another second hand car!!! Seemingly he doesnt use a PC, but he is worth 39 Billion!!! It makes you think!! Im all for living for the moment, having comforts and enjoying life, I have savings for the rainy day (running away money :o0 ) but having thought about it, I wonder should we be more frugal?? I do waste a lot of money on stuff thats not essential, and bought on a whim. What to ye think??
tassajara Posts: 723
I try to be frugal as I'm trying to save money atm, but it seems that what I save during the week from cooking simple vegetarian dinners and eating lunch at home, I end up spending it on stupid stuff over the weekends or end up spending it on flights home. Going to try to stay in for the next couple of weekends and see how that goes. *fingers crossed*
shepiena Posts: 188
Was always frugal,
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
Your story reminds me of a boss I used to work for Vidia. In a good profession, earning big big salary, living over in D4, fabulous house. Drove an old beat up car with tape holding the door on! Brought his lunch to work every day. Got his suits from Dunnes, not such a bad thing you might say but it was funny when comparing him to his peers who were wearing Armani and other labels. On one particular christmas night out he spent the entire time sponging pints off his employees, even managed to get out of paying for his meal. He was easily the stingiest person i have ever met. I would be quite a frugal person myself, dh is not. Very hard to balance this when you're trying to save for a house!
soontobemammy Posts: 145
imagine living life like a miserable old goat when you have all that money at home. I would be quite frugal because I have to be but if I had it I would definitely be spending it, life is too short!!
theoracle Posts: 7664
I have always been frugal as that is how I grew up, I find it very hard to spend larger amounts of money and I always price-check. DH doesn't have the problem! I think being frugal and stingy are 2 different things, but people with lots of money can be strange. A former boss of mine woudl be generous in treating us (employees) on a night out, but the other side of him was that he haggled for everything -once he got a set of free toilet paper rolls and he was soooooo delighted with himself! :o0
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
Another here who was raised to be frugal. Agree that frugal and stingy/mean are two very different things!
Emme Posts: 4735
I like to save money on some things so I can spend it on more fun things! Gotten more frugal...more aware I suppose since I've become a SAHM. I'm getting really good at not throwing out food whereas when we were both working the bin was a disgrace both morally and financially. I have four seasons worth of 'painting clothes' cause I hate throwing out clothes so I save them for 'painting' which we usually hire someone to do anyway! I would never bin clothes though unless they were torn and would always give first dibs to nieces and then clothes that frugal?
ructions Posts: 2689
We grew up frugal so I am still like that now. I hate waste, always giving out to DH when he buys too much food which ends up going off and in the bin. I do check the prices of things when I shop and don't get sucked in to the BOGOFs unless it's things I would definitely need and use like deodorant or toothpaste. Recycle almost everything, buy loose fruit and veg and don't tend to buy things I don't really need. Drive a 10 year old car which is grand, gets me around and I don't need a newer model. We do splurge on holidays though.
happieout Posts: 3111
I don't waste money, I did in the past but I've more to do with it now. I also think there's a big difference between meanness and being careful/ resourceful. I try to budget and save for occasions now whereas when I was younger I never did that. When I think of all the money I wasted!