How good/bad is your diet?

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MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Wowzers, I'm eating lots these days. I'm not at all great at saying no to myself at the moment. I'm eating lots of good stuff (fruit,veg,fish for Omega 3 etc) but I'm also having my fair share of "rubbish" (biscuits, bars, jellies, hot chocolates, crisps etc - usually in the evenings). I avoid fizzy drinks but haven't avoided them completely over the course of my pregnancy. I don't eat chips or that sort of stuff very often...just once in a blue moon. I'm wondering how good the rest of you are being? It's a bit late at this stage for me to change my ways but I'm curious about how others are doing. I was great when I started out but seem to get gradually worse as time goes on! :-8 I'm being completely self-indulgent and am dreading the cold turkey I'll have to go thru when baba arrives and I'm trying to lose a bit of weight! Inspire me ladies! J
temperence Posts: 136
My weekday diet is quiet good: Bowl of Weetabix crunchy bran. Banana Salad:pepper, baby toms, lettuce some italian dressing. Chicken breast Low fat yogurt Pear Some sorta meat/fish with veg ( brocolli, carrots, cauliflower) Some raisins. I'd have a crap load of water all day and some decaf tea with super milk, and maybe a can of diet fizzy. Now in fairness my weekends aren't as good, I had a M&S Cookie today and some malteasers, plus my dinner was a bit carby, but good carby :) During the week I try to do a 40 min walk after work at night, and its quiet a brisk walk. I really don't want to put on too much weight during the pregnancy, I really don't need to, I could do with losing a few stone, once babs is healthy I'm happy. In fairness I'm only barely pregnant too so my appetite shouldn't be getting big yet..:)
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
my diet is bad, i am addicted to everything bad :-8 but i try and fit the good stuff in aswell and take my iron etc to ensure my body is getting what it needs It was the same on my ds and he is a healthy baby and has none of my bad habits thankfully. sounds like you are doing your best, thats all that can be expected
Waiting24 Posts: 355
Sounds like you're all doing okay! My week diet is good but my weekend diet (which can start on Thurs) is not so good. I'm so tired that I can't be bothered to cook. Today we got take away kebabs! On Fri we had frozen pizza and garlic bread. I did swap my ice cream for frozen yogurt on thurs so at least I'm saving calories there! I haven't gained any weight so far in the pregnancy but I'm sure it wont be long before it catches up with me!! ONce I stay good during the week I'll be okay!! I hope!
MissSindyhead Posts: 560
I think I was good up to 15 weeks or so and then fell off the wagon! I've been saying all along that I've had no cravings but now that I think of it I'm especially drawn to sugary stuff. I'm always like that, pregnant or not, but my sweet tooth is unreal at the moment I must say.
wishingwell Posts: 253
jaysus, ye r all so good, i think though it wil change as ye progress, im almost 38 weeks and i will eat anything that i can lay my hands on, my 3 main courses havnt changed and are always healtyish but as regards snacks, id hav at least a bar of chocolate every day, at least ;) prob eat crisps every other eve, not big on takeaways though. dnt get 2 do any actual exercise but run around all day everyday after a toddler, thats when im not running around in work so i dnt get a min 2 sit down, i do eat my fruit aswel, drikn about 2 ltrs of water and decaf tea, take my pregnacare vitamins, i ate the same with ds, put on about 4 stone and lost it within 6 mths, ive always been lucky wit my metabolism thank god, put on about 3 and a half this time. my son was born an average weight, v healthy and at 2 is a v active skinny little headcase :) i say eat what u want, its the one of the few chances in ur life that u can get away wit it without feeling guilty.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
My diet is terrible but that's down to still being very sick and not being able to stomach much & what I do stomach tends not to stay down :o( Have seen babs 3 times in scans in the past few weeks & last week I was told they were thriving so I have had to accept that even if I'm not getting much babs is getting everything they need from my reserves :wv
candypants Posts: 8575
God ye are all so goooood!! Im terrible, and with having 2 DD's, one only near 10 months, 30 weeks pg, and going to work, i just dont have time to "think" what i eat, so just bloody eat what's in site the last few weeks :duh:
suzydaly Posts: 16
My diet is totally & utterly crap - cant get enough sweet things & on my first pregnancy I was so good & ate loads of fruit & veg & things like porridge. I ate crap food on my last pregnancy too & I am normally a fairly healthy eater. I hope it doesnt impact on the baby too much but I cant help myself!!!!!!
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
In a word, rubbish. I'm queasy ALL the time, not getting sick as much but just nauseaus constantly, no matter what I eat. I've been eating whatever I feel like eating because I feel dreadful, so Birds Eye Potato Waffles, jelly, sweets (jellies mainly) and chips, with the odd healthy meal when I can stand it. I'll often make a healthy homecooked dinner (I always make everything from scratch) but when I sit down to eat it I just can't face it. I'm now 14.5 weeks and thought I'd feel better by now but no. Hoping things will pick up and I can eat better because I HATE my diet, its just terrible after being a healthy eater all my life.