How heavy does vaginal discharge get at the end

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Clumsy28 Posts: 407
How heavy does vaginal discharge get at the end I'm 37 weeks and would I know the difference between that and waters breaking. Thanks :thnk
jen2 Posts: 3106
If your plug comes away it will be thick and jelly like, oh sticky goo. When your water break it can be a gush of water or it might just leak, with you have done a little wee wee in your pants. Hope that's not to graphic. Not long to go. Best of luck.
wishingwell Posts: 253
if ur waters break whether its leakin r gushin it would b constant, when my waters broke it just leaked away, not gushing, i required a maternity pad til labour, some mite say differently, thats just my experience, tis preg im 38 wks 2day, some days i could change 4 r 5 panty liners wit discharge and a bit of urine leakin.. atm my discharge has got quite murky and dark lookin?? any one gettin tis type of discharge tis late on, im hopin its not a uti...
babybambino Posts: 940
My hind waters broke and I didn't realise what it was. I think it started in the middle of the night, I went to the loo and there was a slight trickle when I stood up, I had been getting an increased amount of discharge in the days leading up to this so I thought maybe it was that or I had leaked a small amount of urine. There was nothing until that afternoon, it drove me mad all day because I couldn't decide what it was. I had a patyliner on and it wasn't even damp. I thought if it really was my waters that I would start to feel contractions or have a show or something. Eventually I read on a website that you should lie down for 20-30 minutes then stand up and if there was leakage that it probably was the waters. I did this and some more came out so I rang the maternity hospital and they said to come in and get it checked out, they were quite concerned as there is a risk of infection if you haven't gone into labour 24 hours after the waters going but genuinely it was so difficult to tell. My membranes probably ruptured very high up so baby's head was acting like a cork and stopping too much fluid leaking out, the waters in front of the baby's head were still intact and actually had to be broken during labour. I ended up having an induction because labour never started. It is very unusual for this to happen but it is something to be aware of and it is not as obvious as you would think.
WorldsGreatestMum Posts: 249
Maybe it's just me but my waters breaking had a distinct smell so knew from that. Also I didn't really have any other vaginal discharge at that stage.
Clumsy28 Posts: 407
Tanx for the replies girls. Had alot of discharge yesterday dat freaked me out but hardly any today so I think it was just something that I wasnt used to. & I think d fact that I got a brazilian wax late last week has made it more noticeable to me. I know TMI.