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happycamper Posts: 186
I never ate breakfast but since i found out i was pregnant i decided that i had to be more sensible :o0 and keep my strength up for the baby. Now i get to eat at a minimum a bowl of cereal and cup of tea or maybe toasted sandwich or even a small fry around 8 in the morning. By 10 o clock i am absolutely starving. I mean weak with the hunger. i've always ate fruit but now i'm eating it by the bucket load to stop me from eating rubbish. I eat a big apple, clementine, small bunch of grapes and a kiwi or plum all before lunch. and thats every day. Is this normal. It just about keeps the hunger at bay. I usually eat a dinner at 1 o clock and then when i go home i could eat another dinner again if i let myself. I'm normally starving once half 5 comes Is anyone else hungry all the time.
first-timer Posts: 463
i am!!! lol. think its just cause we seem to be using up more energy during pregnancy. i know i'm always tired and exhausted now. so think just need extra food to bring energy levels back up! i'm loving fruit lately aswell. grapes mmmmm. oh and PLUMS! mmmm. lol
bonita Posts: 1678
Yep - Sounds exactly like me. except Im not a good as you fruit wise :-8 I never had breakfast before either and now at 7am I have bowl of rice crispies & orange juice by 9 am I am starving but I wait and at 10 am I have toast, fruit, yogurt again by 1pm I am starving I have my lunch a sambo or wrap or roll or something, Im usually hungry again by about 3 but I might ignore this or have a cup of tea and a dry cracker if im very hungry by the time 5.30 / 6.00 comes around I am so so hungry and I have a big dinner maybe even seconds then I have something sweet a small bar or a cup cake or something, Im gone mad into desserts
wobbler Posts: 300
I am [u:2lpd7ipx][b:2lpd7ipx]STARVING[/b:2lpd7ipx][/u:2lpd7ipx] all the time :-8
Wannabamama Posts: 481
Im eating all around me, can’t stop. I thought as time went on id get too uncomfortable for large meals, it hasn’t happened yet. This is the first time in about 10 years I’ve not been on some form of diet and its great. I do try to consciously eat healthy but you have to have to odd treat:-8
mama2E Posts: 670
Thank goodness its not just me. I am starving all the time......not quite as bad as I was a few weeks ago. But defo eating more than I used too. Only thing is that I can't eat as much as I'd like - get stomach cramps if I over eat. I'm trying to be healthy but "healthy food" doesn't taste the same as it used too. I'm sure my husband thinks its all in my head!!!!!!!! (it probably is!) :o0
sinion Posts: 6050
always hungry! Here's my typical day (can't eat big meals as they'll just come back up again) start eating around 10am (will puke up anything I eat before then so have to wait!), have a cereal bar as I need something dry first, then bowl of cereal, then at least two pieces of fruit. starving again by midday so by about 12.30 i'll have a bowl of chunky soup with bread or a sandwich. starving again by 3pm so I have another cereal bar and more fruit and a yoghurt. starving again by 5.30pm when i get home so have some more fruit and a yoghurt and some toast. starving again by about 7.30pm so have a small dinner, whatever hubby's making. starving again by 10.30pm so have some toast in bed! as I said, always hungry :o0
bride. Posts: 3014
Wow girls, you're all doing great with the fruit. I can't eat it because the acid was making me throw up so I've been carbing all week, every 2 hours! Put on 8lbs very quickly but it's better than vomiting I suppose. Sinion have you ever considered that you might be having twins with all the nausea? That's what the hospital were on the lookout for with me but there's only one in there.
sinion Posts: 6050
oh god no, definitely only one for me!! Had the doc check at the last scan as there are twins in my family and he said definitely only one :o0 I do get bad heartburn from citrus fruits but if I have some gaviscon straight after eating it it's fine. I've never eaten so much fruit in my life, it's mad! I'm guessing I must have lost a tonne of weight with all the vomiting as i'm eating loads lately but i'm still half a stone under my pre-pregnancy weight, and that's with a bump and bigger boobs too!