How important is the basket on a buggy?

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SparkleX Posts: 1057
Doing some buggy research at the moment - a whole new learning experience! Didn't realize there would be quite so much to consider. So wanted to ask for any of you with kiddies already, how important is the basket that goes under the buggy? We are looking at the Silvercross Surf which has a very small basket. That appears to be the only negative with it. I know that you can use the changing bag as storage but would you use the basket much for extra storage? Any feedback appreciated!
keyra Posts: 801
I find the basket to be one of the most important things. When you are out in the shops and you can just put your bags under the buggy instead of carrying bags and pushing buggy is sooo handy. Also when we go for walks, i put my raincoat, bottle of water, DD's sippy cup, toys, my purse / bag, raincover for buggy in the basket. I have the Teutonia fun and i love it, really big basket.
babyluck Posts: 764
yep very important!! have phil and teds great basket - easy to get things in and out of when shopping things go in there you dont want to be pushing and carrying stuff and the handles shouldn't really hold weight either so yep - I think you will find that it is importnat but sure if you never had it you wouldn't miss it - if you want to get the surf one
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Big basket is vital as if ur out for a walk once bub is over 3 months ur unlikely to have a changing bag with u also as bub gets bigger u need to store a few toys underneath too!
Daff Posts: 11644
I walk a lot and would foten walk to the supermarket. I've a Quinny and basket is very small and I'd love a bigger one but I get by. If going to the shop to buy things I wear a rucksack on my back. Th equinny also has one of those continuous handles so can't hang shopping bags off it - I bought clips that go on it for a few euro online and that solves that problem. But all in all I'd love a bigger basket.
SparkleX Posts: 1057
Thanks for the feedback ladies...definitely something to think about. I know you can get a bigger basket as an accessory but still don't think it's very big. More buggy research methinks :)
Mammy nua Posts: 241
I was looking at the uppababy on friday and the basket is huge. I really like it and it is now my top runner but dont know if we can afford it . its 699 for buggy and carrycot. Car seat is extra. Only main plus for it for me is that it can be converted into a double buggy down the line if needed. Google it and you'll see a picture. Basket is huge!
rop Posts: 1453
we got the Quinny Speedi and the basket is so handy - im not sure that its a make or break as you will figure out another way but its definitely one thing to consider especially if you walk to the shops alot but as DF said you can get these clips you can get them in Boots for about 2/3 euro