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Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Hi girls, just wondering how you all are? My symptoms are nearly all gone and I feel great...still waiting for movement though...feel some strange bubbles or something in my belly sometimes since last week but not sure at all if this is movement...How are the rest of you? :wv
deem Posts: 710
I'm not offically in sept club any more, consultant moved DD to 1st October, but still feel like October, I am feeling much better at the moment, just hit the 17 weeks Sunday, but am finding it increasingly difficult to get comfortable while in bed. Lying on back is def out, tummy has been for a while, but even on side this morning not so cumfy. I am still getting ms although not in the morning, seems to be certain foods that disagree, no matter the time of day, but things def getting better. Was in uk at weekend and bought loads of mat clothes, probably a bit premature, but own clothes dont fit anymore and dont want to get bigger sizes, afraid i'd be tempted to stay in them afterwards. Hope all is well for everyone else
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Hello September mammies! :wv Just wanted to say hi because my EDD is October and so I guess I might go early and be a September mammy after all! I'm only 17 weeks and no hint of movement yet. I'm feeling v. impatient for it to happen but I read that on a first pregnancy it often doesn't happen until week 22, unless you're very slim (which I'm not!). Not sure what it is meant to feel like. I have so much wind at the moment I might just miss it! :o0
anastasia beaverhausen Posts: 175
Hiya Heavenleigh, just in case you missed the Sept mums chat in last few days ... hp?t=78372 DP is away with work this week and while I was on the phone to him lastnight, the babies started kicking like mad! - it was gas, the strongest kicks yet! They obviously know their Daddy's voice already! So sweet :lvs :lvs
lucky bella Posts: 88
Hi Girls, Had a scan yesterday. It was great to see the baby. :o)ll Consultant said that the baby is doing well. The only down side is that we didn't get a photo to take away because it was at an out clinic and it was a mobile scanner so it wasn't as clear either. But as long as everything is OK, that's the main thing. Over the last few days I've been feeling little flutters, its very light and I'm wondering if it really is the baby or just my stomach. Time will tell!! Hope everyone else is doing well.
anastasia beaverhausen Posts: 175
Bella that's great - delighted to hear that all is going well. It's so reassuring isn't it? I had my 20 wk scan last wk and I'll be fine now for a while, until the next scan approaches (on fri 2 wks) and I'll be sick with worry again. But I suppose that's natural. I've been scanned 4 times already so the scan pix are piling up - so much so, that I've already started my "baby box" that PG someday our two will have great fun looking at "My first photo" of when they were only 12 wk old beans!!
lucky bella Posts: 88
Hello Anastasia Beaverhausen, Must be amazing to see two little babes on the scan. At this stage they will stay have lots of room to bounce around. Good luck at your next scan.