How long after C Section did you get pregnant again?

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D Momma Posts: 1101
Hi, I am just wondering I had a section in June 2009 with my first it was an emergency section as LOs heart rate was dropping and he was in a bit of distress. I am having serious problems with my back at the moment but I would like to go again as I want to have mine close together at least 3 and I want to have them all by 36 as I am 32 this yr. Is anyone or has anyone had a similar situation and what would they reccommend? :thnk
galway07 Posts: 660
Mine wasn`t an emergency section, but I was pregnant again before DS was 6 months. Like you , I wanted to have them close in age and I`m 34 now. Have a look for a similiar post recently by Lolyflashpants. A lot of people being told different things by consultants. I was told I could go straight away again if I wanted.
mammak Posts: 489
Hi, i've had 2 c-sections and will have my 3rd in about 17 weeks! Theres 14 months between LO 1 and 2 and please god 13 months between Lo 2 and 3. Havent had any problems at all, so best of luck with it. :xox