how long after did you wait before ttc

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Conormammy Posts: 404
Hi girls Just wondering how long you all waited to ttc after the wedding. We already have a 4yr old ds . The reason im asking is if i stop the pill this month i will be 2 weeks off the pill before the wedding or if i wait until the month after we will be back from our honeymoon and to reality! Which would you recommend? Im 30 this year and maybe its negative thinking but i fear it will be harder ttc this time around.. All views welcome
pinkerbelle10 Posts: 705
Ok so when I came off pill to ttc no.1 it took 9 months for my cycle to get back to normal. (We were ttc 6 months before bfp) it was definitely an issue with the pill as my next two pregnancies I got pg straight away (I never went back in pill) so on the one hand is say that it's better to come off it sooner rather than later for ttc in case you experience the same as me. However, from the second I came off the pill my skin and hair (which would normally be very good) went mental! Loads of spots and greasy hair despite washing it every day. It was horrendous and lasted until I got my bfp! So from that point if view I'd say maybe stay on it until after your big day as you don't want to have a breakout for your wedding! Why don't you just stop taking it the day after your wedding and see what happens? No need really to wait until after you come back from honeymoon ;-) Ps...we waited 1.5 years after our wedding to ttc and I was a few years older than you and no problems (apart from the issue with pill going out of my system!) best of luck'
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
I came off pill when we came back from honeymoon. Didn't want to go off it before as wanted to use pill to stop periods for wedding and honeymoon Got BFP 8 cycles later (8 months as they were regular straight away)
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I have it timed that I come off the pill two days before the end of the honeymoon - don't want to start into a new packet as that'd have me into June before being able to TTC, so I'll sacrifice the end of my honeymoon feeling crampy!!
Conormammy Posts: 404
Hi girls. Thanks for your reply's . Ye are right i could do without hair/skin or cramps! In the build up to the wedding.. one more month so.. crafty we will be ttc around the same time..
Spottytie Posts: 155
We were keen to try and conceive very soon after marriage but i worried about coming of the pill so waited to the day i was coming home from honeymoon, i am so glad i waited as my moods were terrible was very emotional and depressed and bleeding was all over the place for over a month. As it happened we conceived three months later so worked out good