how long after miscarriage ?

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jenfitzy Posts: 34
Not sure where to post this . Had miscarriage last wk at 8 wks 5 days have all sorts of questions going on in my head so hopefully some one might be able to ans some of them . Was just wondering how long after miscarriage did u get ur period ? and how long did you leave it before u tried again and did it take long to get pregnant . Thanks again x x
elpi Posts: 748
jenfitzy, so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I had two miscarriages last year, one at 10 weeks, one at 5 weeks. Both times my period came back exactly a month later but from what I've read that can vary from person to person. After the 1st miscarriage I got pregnant again the 2nd month trying but unfortunately miscarried again. The next time i got pregnant again the 2nd month and baby is due in just over 7 weeks.
Emme Posts: 4735
I had a chemical pregnancy which is kinda like having a late period...I found it easier to think of it that way rather than use the dreaded M/C word and I tried again straight away and got Pg. Now I have DD and I wouldn't swap her for the world but even though I wasn't very upset or anything I'm sorry I didn't wait a few cycles before starting to try again. I was all over the place hormonally so I know the temptation is there to try again straight away just make sure you're okay. Best of luck.
capricorn04 Posts: 527
Hey Jen, I miscarried the middle of November, and my period came about 2 weeks later - smack bang when I would normally get it, I was happy that all had settled back, despite the circumstances!! Given that it was Decemeber, we decided just to enjoy Christmas before trying again.... I think otherwise we would of tried straight away, I think for me it was the right way to go. We officially tried for the first time in April, and thank god we got a BFP - as our first pregnancy was a surprise, I made sure from that point to start eating well and taking all my vitamins and folic acid :) Take care of yourself, and do what feels right for you and your other half
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Hi Jenfitzy. First of all Im so sorry. I have had a few MCs. I found it took a while for my AF to come back, one time 4 months!!! (Im usually about 6 or 7 weeks). The doctor told me at the time I should have come to see him sooner (re missed period). That time he gave me something to bring on AF. So expect a delay but if you think youve waited more than two normal cycles ring your doc. Regarding starting again - they say wait one cycle but maybe people start immediately. The onyl thing I ever thought was that if I had another MC would it be cause I didnt wait the stupid cycle so - in short - I always waited one cycle. I remember after one of my DCs the anesthesist (sp) said to me - see you next year in the maternity ward. And he was right. I hope he is right for you too. Chin up. x sg
MrsWoggle Posts: 1793
Sorry to hear about your m/c, it's such a sad time. I remember all I wanted in the world was to be still pregnant. It took 4 weeks for my AF to return, I waited for it cos as OP said I was afraid if I miscarried again I'd blame myself so waited for AF and then started ttc again and I got pregnant straight away. DS was a year old on Sunday so it was a happy ending for me. I hope it all works out for you too.
lollisue Posts: 507
Hi JenFitzy, So sorry to hear your news. My mc was at 8w5d also. I didn't have a D&C as it was a complete miscarriage. I got my period after 4 weeks and have been regular since. I think its different for everyone though so don't worry if it takes some time.
jenfitzy Posts: 34
thank you for your replies xxxxx
Jacqueline Hyde Posts: 1145
My period would have come back after 12 weeks only i got pregnant on that 'cycle'. Most people i've come across have it back within 6 weeks but i've seen some waiting up to 6 months, but that's not the norm. In terms of going again and everything else, you need to decide when you're ready. I had about 4 people in the hospital tell me 4 different things in relation to how long to wait. So go with what you feel. Best of luck and i hope you have people looking after you :action32