How Long Before Hen??

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MrsOC2012 Posts: 595
Hi All, Just wondering what is the norm to send out messages regarding the hen? I'm thinking of having mine in September...would people think I'm mental to be asking now 6 / 7 months in advance or is it ok? :wv Thanks, MrsOC
missussunshine Posts: 513
Not at all, the more organised the better i say. I think its great to give people as much notice as possible so if you have a date for them to pencil in work away, id be glad of it, why wait?
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
my first message about hen went out 6 months beforehand to get an idea of numbers, we then paid deposit and looked for money from everyone as a commitment a few weeks later.
MrsOC2012 Posts: 595
Thanks for your replies! Messages / emails going out this week!!!