How long before wedding should you confirm with suppliers?

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smittenb2b Posts: 675
Hey, 2 months now to the weddings and just wondering when we should start confirm with suppliers?? O-O
hollywoodbride Posts: 1341
Now and again the week before.
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
I'd do it now smitten b2b and also confirm with the priest as well - I know of two weddings where the priest had the date or time mixed up! Siobhan
YoungsWIfe Posts: 738
Hi Smitten I rang all our suppliers about a month before hand just to double check everything was ok. I gave them all a ring again the week leading up to the wedding.
smittenb2b Posts: 675
Well Siobhan, heres a story for you. We booked priest Jan 08 and he just scribbled us down on a piece of paper and shoved it in his pocket. I was a bit nervous about this, and said it to H2B but he said I was panicing as usual so I felt like a bit of a bridezilla. Anyway, not a word from the priest and it was a year last month, so I rang him last month, left a load of messages and he eventually got back to me. The conversation went something like this: Priest: Hello is that Smitten blah blah ... so you want to get married? Me: Er yes Priest: Have you thought of a date yet? Me: (Heart pounding) Eh yea we're booked in for 18/4/09 Priest: Hang on there and Ill check my diary to see am I free Me: (Heart getting very slow, couldn't speak) Priest : Yea, the 18 of April is grand, will I put ye in for it? Me: (not knowing what the hell to say) Yea that would be great!!! A close one, tooo close!!!!!!!!
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
:eek :eek oh my God! that's excatly what I mean! I arrived at a church with my gear ready to set up and met the priest on his way out - he was heading out for lunch. I told him the wedding was due to start an hour later and he tried to convince me I was wrong. he left the church anyway. rang the bride and she nearly had a panic attack! she rang his mobile and yold him to get back to the church! quick trip back to beautician to touch up her makeup as she was a bit upset naturally but he'd have just gone off and no-one would have been there to perform the ceremony! then another wedding the priest didn't even show at all but luckily there was another priest in the parish at the time and he performed the wedding ceremony! that's why I try to remind people that the priest is a supplier too! Siobhan