how long before you venture out?

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Miki Posts: 309
babs is only 7 days old and im recovering from a section but im feeling great. not planning on headding out anywhere but just wondering how old before you start going out for walks and stuff (dying to try out the buggy!)
bibikay Posts: 644
Hi, I was out and about within days or leaving hospital when DS was 5 days old - drove at 2 weeks post-section and no problems. I'd say it all depends on yourself, and how you are feeling. If your scar is healing and causing no pain, I would certainly feel free to go for a wander. Especially on glorious days like today when sun was shining... nothing would have kept me in if I wanted to go for a (short!) walk. Don't think there are any hard and fast rules.. think it's just a case of listening to your own body and resting when you need to , and taking gentle exercise like a stroll when you want to . HTH!
Moet for me Posts: 1841
get out as soon as possible I'd say but don't overdo it I was out almost straight away but I went shopping 2 weeks later with a good mate of mine who had open heart surgery 3 months before and neither of us could manage the shopping lol the crowd of invalids we were.
Mrs J Posts: 387
I went to the shop (as in Dunnes for some groceries) when DD was 6 days old. I went on my own and drove the 5 min journey (v strange as I went to put seatbelt on under my bump!). I have since managed v short walks with DD - probably went on the first walk at Day 10/11 and have also taken DD out in the car - first time last week when she was 17 days old. I guess its what you feel you can manage yourself - don't put yourself under anypressure (I have a tendancy to do this) - I didn't have section but did have a nasty tear and stitches which got infected and I still have days when its too sore to do much so I just take it easy. I am looking forwrd to feeling more like myself again and getting out and about properly!
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
I'd love to hear how you all managed! I have a family wedding 100 miles away 2 weeks after due date. I'll probably have to hire a removal van for the amount of stuff I'll need! From my experience with DS though, I'd say start out with something easy like walks near your home. I dunno if I'd be brave enough to go shopping, but once you take everything with you that you need It should fall into place. As you're recovering from a section though take it easy - don't put yourself under pressure. Just do a little at a time. Best of luck & congrats! :o)ll
twinssep Posts: 1242
got out as soon as u feel ready dont over do it maybe a short stroll or a trip to the shops its how u feel that counts in saying that when i had the twins i had to go into holles street for 4 weeks everyday after the section dh kept his time off til they came home so it meant getting lifts in and taxis home nightmare