How long between hens & wedding

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jenilou Posts: 38
Hey everyone, so I have a question if anyone can help.. my bridesmaids decided to take me away to benidorm for my hens, the only thing it be in the month of May of next year, and my wedding isnt till the 5th of Nov 2017 ... I'm cool with it, if it costs them less, but I'm wondering if the time between the dates of the hens to the wedding is far between?.. Has everyone been to benidorm? Is it cheaper terms of flights to go over benidorm in May rather than August?? Just wondering.. cheers :)
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
If it's abroad then sounds about right that distance, gives everyone time to save money & recuperate in time for the wedding! Iv a hen in Ireland this October & the wedding is in May next year. I think it's far too early but there aren't any hard & fast rules so if it suits ye go for it.
MariaCF Posts: 16
I had my hen in late April and my wedding is in August but my hen din't involve much travel. It's probably best to go early when people will have to save to go.
caseycool Posts: 19
Hi, the flights will definitely be cheaper in May than August as the schools are off in August. That seems a fine amount of time for a hens abroad to me. Hope you have a ball.
MissyM67 Posts: 337
Hi, my hens and wedding are both in Ireland so I had them 6 weeks apart. But i think as the other posters are saying it's more to do with spreading out the expense and time off work if you're going abroad.
jenilou Posts: 38
Thank you all very much for replying, your comments were noted and I feel a lot more relaxed, thanks! :wv