How long did it take to conceive No. 2?

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2012 baby Posts: 11
For those of you who have been lucky to have two or more, I'm curious if it's generally quicker, slower or much the same as No. 1
Mrs sensible Posts: 40
I think generally it is meant to take a bit longer but for us we just said we'd go with the flow and happened on my first cycle. On my first I was trying for about 5 cycles and AF went on the missing list for awhile but think that was cause I put pressure on myself and subsequently my body objected :o0
redroses Posts: 714
I fell pregnant by accident with dd and when we started trying to concieve number 2, it took 13 cycles. My cycles went all over the place and i had actually given up and gone to doc for tests. My cycle before i got my bfp was 56 days! was so unexpected to get bfp.
i want one Posts: 2893
i asked this a few months ago (still trying) ill bump up the answers for u :babydust:
Pinkly Posts: 1414
Took us 10 months with this baby. On our 1st it took 2 months. HTH
micksmrs Posts: 931
Got pregnant on cycle 3 of trying with both pregnancies.
2ndBaby Posts: 260
I voted for the same both times. Both of mine were 'surprises' - very unexpected on both occasions!
Happymammy2010 Posts: 837
I voted quicker, we were 8 months ttc number one, I then had a mc and got pregnant straight away after that. We were 2 months trying for no. 2, I thought it would take a little longer tbh!
utter bliss Posts: 209
We were lucky on DS it was the first month trying and this time around was a total shock wasn't trying to get pregnant so was totally taken by surprise but a nice surprise all the same (after the shock wore off :yelrotflmaosmilie: ).
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
Took almost 2 yrs on 2nd :ooh and only 6 months on first would defo go again but quicker the 2nd time around (3 yr gap with no 1 and when this babs arrives)