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newlywedbride Posts: 113
[i:3ogoxo6p]Hi girls, I just wondered how long did you wait before ttc after getting married? Did some of you feel that you wanted to spend time together as a married couple before ttc or did you just start trying straight away? [/i:3ogoxo6p]
lamb nose Posts: 679
Hi newlywed, In our case we became pregnant the month after we got married. My DH is fast approaching 40 and we wanted to get started straight away after getting married. I think if we had not lived together before we got hitched then we would have waited maybe 6 months before ttc just to enjoy some time together after getting married but seeing as though we lived together for 3 years beforehand we did not feel the need to wait. Sometimes I do feel everything is a bit rushed ie I am still on a high after the wedding and now we have a new high to deal with but I am delighted and can't wait to have this baby! :lvs
newlywedbride Posts: 113
[i:15n8qgj1]Congratulations, That's fantastic for you both, I hope you have a happy & healthy nine months. We're newlyweds and have been living together three years aswell but don't know whether we'll start ttc now or wait until the new year. I'm sooooo looking forward to getting pregnant. How are you finding it? It must be so amazing seeing the changes in your body.[/i:15n8qgj1]
Princess consuela Posts: 1480
Hi Newlywed, I got married in Sept05 but we are not thinking of TTC for another year at least so will be at least 2 years married. We decided we would move house and go on a couple of good holidays first and just enjoy being married (even though we lived together for 3 years before hand) Everyone is different, each to their own so just make sure you are both ready. Best of luck when you start TTC Take Care Fi
Sphynx Posts: 6795
We waited 3 months. A few friends kept saying to me "It will be nice to just enjoy being together just the two of you as a married couple..". But in our case that made no sense at all. We had been going out together for 9.5 years, engaged for 4, and living together for 3 years when we tied the knot! So it felt no different to us. And we know each other inside out at this stage and don't feel we need any more quiet time to ourselves. However, I'm sure that will change after a few months with a screaming baby sharing all our time! In a way though, that's good. I think we will really relish our time alone when we do get to have some. Being a family of 3 rather than 2 will be a totally different experience and I'd say we'll get a shock when it happens. But we're both totally ready for it. You sound like you are too. But good luck with your decision!