how long do period type cramps last?

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babythoughts Posts: 130
Hi Girls, Hope ye are all keeping well. Im just wondering about period type cramps, how long did they last for ye? Im 5 wks 2 days and mine dont seem as bad or seem to be cuming that often. They seem to be worse at night time i was getting the odd sharp pain during the night but now they dont seem so bad, im an awful worrier Im just afraid of my symptons disappearing. Im worried when I dont have them then im worried when I do have them. Also did anybody else have really sore boobs at night time. Mine are tender to touch during the day (maybe cause i keep poking them to make sure they are sore) but at night time they are tender and i get pains in them. Am I the exception to pregnancy rules............. I have myself driven nuts over the last few weeks how am I ever going to manage the next few months. :o0
Bellabobs Posts: 250
Im the same- im up the walls. My cramps would last for a minute or two and seem to be worse at night. I get them every day. Boobs were quite sore but are ok now-just a bit sore when i poke them-hence one of the reasons why im freaking out!!
babythoughts Posts: 130
Mine just seem to be sore at night. When I wake up to pee during the night thay can be really sore, so much that I cant even ly on my belly but then they are not too bad in the morning. I have cramps every day but now they mostly just kick in in the evening or at night but they dont last as long as they were. I think I noticed them more at the start because they frightened the crap outta me where now I know they are ok so mayb im just not noticing them because im not so tuned in or focused on them. Oh I dunno its such a confusing time. I do have a very dizzy head sumdays. I dont think im happy unless I have a pain that makes me feel pregnant.
adelz Posts: 3088
Im like you babythoughts, my boobs are very sore at night, when I get up to go to the loo they are sore. They seem fine during the day but at night I really notice them, even lying on my side I notice it. As for pains / cramps, I get a pain every now and again and it just passes, maybe just for a min or two and then it goes. I presume its just our bodies getting use to all this stretching and trying to make room for babs. :compress Best of luck to all with their pregnancy :wv