How long does for wedding pics????

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beancheile Posts: 9
We got married in the middle of the summer & I still haven't heard anything about our proofs & I am getting a bit anxious, I have sent our photographer an email & a message on fb to find out how long we'd be waiting but I have heard nothing back, he does however have other weddings on fb that were on after ours (did some stalking :-8 ), I do understand that summer weddings are a hectic time for vendors but is 3 months a normal wait??? (sorry if topic was posted recently!!)
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
I think 3 months sounds very long, we got married early Sept & got our proofs last week. Is there any wording on his initial emails / website about the turnaround time? Maybe try ringing him, it's strange that he has weddings after yours completed.
beancheile Posts: 9
Just checked site should have it a month after wedding, but he was on hols for two weeks in middle of that which we were told about
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
Three months sounds a little bit excessive. We had our photos only 9 days after our wedding, but I think we were lucky. Maybe try get in touch again to see what the sca is?
MrsFlushdraw Posts: 365
We got married mid September and had a viewing of the photos on CD once we got back from honeymoon. I had my actual album by the end of November if I remember right. I would contact again. I think it is a bit long to wait although I have heard of people waiting longer.