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PinkLady07 Posts: 399
to get post from Shanghai? Ordered a memory card from ebay for my new digital photo frame last week and I am really impatient. Want it now, H2b said it would probably be next wekk before I get it. I got an e-mail on Thursday morning to say it has been dispatched, so I hope it'll be soon.. Has anyone had deliveries from China?
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
Dunno about China, but I only got my sister's Christmas card from Japan today!
curliwurli Posts: 3369
i ordered stuff off and the stuff came from china - it took just over a week if i remember right
PinkLady07 Posts: 399
coool.. should be with me soon so! Thanks girls :thnk
Ebby Posts: 3042
Our postal service is so bad that we still haven't got the Christmas cards sent from a town 10 minutes away. It's not unusual for a bill to turn up a month late either so if you can get post from China in a week, fair play to ya :wv :wv
PinkLady07 Posts: 399
Where do u live EB? I'm in Swords, usually my post is ok? A week from China is being a bit tooo hopeful though but I'm an impatient one!