How long in hosp after the birth?

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MrsBlues Posts: 5170
My SIL came home the same day as giving birth (Wexford) but my friend who gave birth yesterday (Coombe) thinks she might be kept in for a few days and says they don't release you over the weekend. Any ideas?
Delish Posts: 4176
usually keep you 3 days in Limerick - 5 for a c-section I think.
wexfordbell Posts: 1065
As far aas i no its 3 nites in wexford unless r on the Dominos Scheme. You can be released at weekends though
jenny s Posts: 151
Im in Galway. First born I waited 3 nights - liked the security of having nurses around. Second born I asked to go home 2 hours after giving birth! I was confident and knew well the sleep deprivation that lay in store for me by staying in hosp. There was a few conditions tho, Baby had to have urinated and fed willingly, peadiatrician had to check baby, and OB had to warrant me safe for early discharge - it was 13 hours post delivery before all conditions were met. Have heard of people getting out 6 hours post delivery. Nothing nicer than ones own shower, bed and peace...highly recommend it! Are you hoping to get early discharge yourself Mrs Blues?
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
I'll be in Mullingar, I like the idea of early discharge, but at the same time the reassurance of midwives around would obviously be helpful. I guess all going well I'd like to stay just one or two nights.
whackywoman Posts: 1496
in the coombe, had dd early Friday morning and went home on the Monday. Was originally due for discharge on the Monday but hospital kept me in an extra night to try and help with breastfeeding
theoracle Posts: 7664
DD1 got discharged the next day (despite having had a forceps delivery), this was UK. DD2 stayed 3 days because she developed jaundice so had to go to special care and sleep under UV light.
moojunior Posts: 31
This has been on my mind, I dont like the idea of hospitals at all. So on the provision that there are no problems with baby or me, and we are working the way we should, I have no intention of staying in hospital. This is my first but i have my mother to help me with baby. I assume they cannot make you stay. Ill be in Waterford Regional Hospital. Anyone any experience of here. Moo Junior
shootingstar Posts: 1340
I was in OLOL hospital for 6 days!!! went in at 9 on the Tues night, had her Thurs morning by emergency section and we never got home til the Monday afternoon!!! But i enjoyed my stay in hospital, some time for me and DD to bond at night time plus time to rest there, not as many visitors!!!
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I had dd at 2am on the Tuesday night/wednesday morning so stayed that night and the Wednesday night, I wanted to go home on the Thursday because I got hardly any sleep in the hospital and the midwives were too busy to properly help anyone! After a row with one of the midwives she agreed to let me home if the paed gave the ok for dd. He came around and thought that dd was a bit jaundiced so wanted to see her again the next morning before letting us home so ended up staying until Friday afternoon! If you have support at home I'd say go home asap! Hspitals are noisy places and what got to me the most I think was the woman in at 7am to hoover around the beds! 7AM!!!!!!!!!!