How long is your band playing for?

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comprometida Posts: 143
Trying to decide between so many bands at the moment and hoping a bride to be or newly wed can help! How long would you expect a band to play for? Is 2 hours with a 15 minute break standard? Or a bit short? Would appreciate any advice!
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
That sounds about right to me, think our band played 2 hours with 15 min break.
Mrsf2b2015 Posts: 14
Ours played for 2 hours, but had planned to play for 3 but set up got delayed due to speeches.
emalou Posts: 30
Hi, I play in a band myself and the standard length for a wedding would be 3 hours. Hope this helps :-)
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
I think mine played for about 2.5 or 3 hours - prob about a 20 min break in the middle, im not actually sure but I think they all fairly standard. They started at 9.30pm and the DJ finished at 2.30am so between the two of them it all ran smooth!
CasualBride Posts: 574
A lot of them will specify themselves on their website / Ts & Cs how long they'll play for; I'm sure a lot of them get away with playing for less than 2 hours but as far as I've seen, it's the average.. 3 is at the generous end of the spectrum!!
EllieH Posts: 3
Hi all, I'm doing wedding band research myself and most I have come across play 2.5 -3 hours inc a short break. I think 2 hours is a little bit on the short side myself considering the cost of having a wedding band!