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birdie Posts: 954
would it take to drive from Cork to Athlone does anybody know? Just got a call about correcting exam papers, have to attend a conference on Tuesday and Wednesday even though I'm only on the standby panel and I'm debating as to whether to head up Monday evening or leaving really early Tuesday morning to be there for 930? What do ye think?
Yoda Posts: 3340
Just under 3 hours I would say, depends on traffic Check out the AA website :wv
birdie Posts: 954
Thanks Autumnwed, checked out the aa site too but it's not always reliable! it said on that too though just under 3 hours so I'll trust it this time seeing as you backed it up!! :o0 Reckon I'll go up the night before all the same, the thought of a longish journey on my own at like 6 in the morning just makes me come out in a rash!!! Thanks lady! :thnk