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Mrs Julie - May 05 Posts: 23
Sorry changed my name for this.. As my mums friends daughter recognised me from the other forum topics! we are married a few months and have only just started trying.. How long were you trying for before you got pregnant.. Also did anyone use the ovulation tests.. are they any good?
Bulmers Posts: 1281
Hi there, just an FYI - your name change didn't go through.
Mrs Julie - May 05 Posts: 23
yeah just realised.. not too worry!
pinkbride Posts: 173
hi i came off the pill just before my wedding and got pregant about 6 weeks later so it was more or less our first attempt! i can't help you with the ovulation kits cos i never got them most of the websites tell you that you're most likely to ovulate around day 14 of your cycle, that is provided you have a normal 28 day cycle. so anyway i counted on 14 days from when my period started and guessed that those few days would be my fertile days and i guessed right! we had expected to be trying for a few months and we were a bit surprised when it happened first time. anyway just goes to show anything is possible. good luck trying !
clio99 Posts: 712
I had coil removed in May were careful till the wedding in July and got jiggy with it every day after that :oops: came home from honeymoon preggers :lol: , sorry cant tell u about ovulation kits