How long to get your figure back

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crumbs Posts: 112
I know this is a controversial topic, with all the post pregnancey skinny celebs in the worls, but was just wondering how long it took the normal mom with no personal trainers etc. to get back to her pre pregnancy shape. I know there are no hard and fast rules but would be interested in your experience.
Lucy D Posts: 91
Ooh I would be intersted too to find out, my 1st is due end of Sept and my sister is getting married in April 2007 and I am MOH so that gives me 7 months to get to it. I have heard the saying that well it took 9 months of change in your body to make the baby so you should allow yourself at least 9 months to get it back i.e. eat healthy and exercise as regulary as possible. Know my SIL was practically back in shape within 2 months but then again she is a gym intructor so would have been in tip top condition right the way through which obviously helps a great deal so she just sprang back into shape.
charli Posts: 5994
i think it is different for everyone. in my case i put up 2 stones during the pregnancy. i lost 1stone straight away, during the birth and the first 1/2 weeks. i had the other stone to get off then and i think i lost about 1/2 stone of that through breast feeding and life's natural cycle, as in i ate all around me and didn't exercise. by the time i went back to work i had that 1/2stone and i lost that then as i had my routine back to normal (i.e. breakfast/lunch/dinner) as opposed to snacking all day and i joined WW either way, don't stress over it and BF helps if you are going to do it!
snozberry Posts: 1212
Was I meant to Lose weight afterwards???? I thought this was just my new shape!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
charli Posts: 5994
:lol: :lol: :lol: Mrs. Snoz, you're baby is only just been born! give your self a chance!!! how old is the baby now?? nice to see you around!
shelly Posts: 218
This is something i've been thinking about a lot lately, as i am due my first in 3 months and have already put on 2 stone !!!! So i reckon I will easily put on another 1 stone !! I feel with me, that if i don't loose it all in the first three months after giving birth then i won't loose it at all. I hate dieting and especially exercise but I will be going hell for leather as soon as i get out of hospital. I'm not a vain person by any means but there is no way i am going to look preggers for 9 months afterwards !!!! P.s. does breastfeeding really help slim you down ????
BB24 Posts: 89
Oh my god. I have three stone on already at 30 weeks and i am freaking out. Was about thirteen stone before got pregnant. Went for my scan yesterday and asked about what baby's weight is and he said at the moment baby is 4.5lbs and that was a great weight for 30 weeks. I can't do anything about weight at this stage so will have to wait till after birth and just try and get it off. I am hoping to breastfeed all going well. BB24
Trish07 Posts: 506
Hi Crumbs, Ive been wondering this too, Im due my first in october and then getting married 11months later. I was about 2 1/2stone overweight before I got pregnant. Im only 4months now but dont think I have put any weight on yet. Im not going to stress myself out too much about it but I will be going dress shopping in janurary so will need to have lost a bit by then. I suppose as long as the baby is healthy I dont care how big i get.
MrsHawaii05 Posts: 488
as someone said it depends on each person..obviously if your stuffing your face the whole time during the 9 months ( as in goingoverboard) your goinna have more to lose I gaine 2 stone during, lost about stome of that in about 1.5 months ( DS was 2 weeks old and the hairdresser asked me when i was due :oops: ) I wasnt a stick insect either befiore i got PG so bear that in mind too. My shape has changed tho, i can get back into my jeans but they just dont look the same, dunno cant describe it but tis depressing! BF for 2 weeks so not long enuf to affect my figure but i thin it does help. My next door neighbour is skinnier than she was before PG and shes BF, but like i said she was thin anyway Dont worry about it too much, you'll only start to feel human after a good 8-12 weeks XXX
shelly Posts: 218
I remember reading about Jordan's juice diet, she lost a whopping amount of weight, drinking juice for breakkie & lunch and then chicken or fish with veggies for dinner as well as living on the treadmill..... I'm considering it anyone else ???