How long waiting on buggy?

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Greece Posts: 1800
Hey - when you ordered your buggy how long did you have to wait, is there a standard wait time? I've ordered the new 2010 Quinny Buzz 3 - changed to this one after a 3 month wait on previous choice. The delivery date of the first one kept getting pushed out so I was just worried the company was going out of business or something. So anyway, now Ive ordered this Quinny and they said it would be in the next delivery into the store, that was 2 weeks ago....Im just paranoid and want to have it paid for and safely stored. So whats the normal waiting time?
Diva30 Posts: 286
[color=#000080:1y2l4kvl]I bought the ICANDY Peach early March and this won't be in the store until the end of May - we paid in full for this as well ... we were aware there is a waiting list on this model.[/color:1y2l4kvl]
fifibelle Posts: 4447
We took our Quinny Buzz 3 from the shop the same day we bought it - that was in Mothercare. :wv
smileybride Posts: 205
sorry SIS ours was a silver cross delivered 5 days after we bought it from mother care blanch
valentine09 Posts: 681
I ordered mine(new Britax bdual) from Kiddicare in the UK and had it delevered to Meath in 4 days.
garran9 Posts: 4401
Hiya SIS, By any chance, did you order it from Tony Kealys? We ordered our Bugaboo and furniture from them. When we rang enquiring, the furniture was in. Our travel set won't be in until May or so. So maybe, give them a ring :wv
Greece Posts: 1800
Hey Garran :wv no we ordered the buggy from Eurobaby, I have called them and they always say its no prb that will be in the next delivery but so far no joy, I know its only 2 weeks but just after last one taking so long Im paranoid. I got my furniture in Tony Kealys, they were really nice in there, but my furniture was floor model so was available striaght away :) If anyone has bought a buggy from Eurobaby let me know how long it took???
babyforus Posts: 1619
I don't know about the rest of them but a friend of mine got her buggy and cot from