How many baby clothes do I need to buy in advance?

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babybaby2011 Posts: 124
Hi ladies, I'm trying to get organised with baby's clothes now and I'm a bit overwhelmed and confused with what I actually need to buy before babs arrives and what items of clothing are essential. I saw that a lot of babygros are needed since for the hospital bag its recommended to bring 8 for the hospital stay alone. And then there's the issue of what size to get as someone else asked on another thread, i.e. newborn or 0-3 months so its better to have some of both. And then whats the difference between sleepsuitsand babygros or are they one and the same? Can anyone post a list of clothes needed for a newborn and how many of each item of clothing should be bought in advance? Don't want to go overboard either! Any help is much appreciated :thnk
Flossie38 Posts: 653
+1, that would be really handy as I am a novice too.
LastRolo Posts: 6892
+1, great question.
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
I'm exactly the same, so far we've got about 12 babygros in total about 5 are newborn and the rest are 0-3 months, have about 20 vests again about 7 of them are newborn and the rest are 0-3 months, got some socks and mitts too, my mam knits so she is doing all our cardi's, I'm at a bit of a loss about how much more to get and as for blankets I've NO idea how many and what types to be getting but we are heading out this weekend to finish all the essentials so I better get my skates on :o0 :o0
Flossie38 Posts: 653
maybe we should post this in M&K?
PetiteFeet Posts: 506
Hi Girls, I was doing a bit of investigation into this last week and put together this list based on baby book recommendations / info given out by NHS here in UK. Think it is a little on the conservative side (especially with the sheets which I am sure get puked on fairly regularly) so I might add a few extra bits here and there but this is what I am going to use as a minimum / base. I'm a first timer so really I have no clue so would appeciate any input from those who have been there and done it! Hope it helps.... Vests 8 Sleepsuits / Baby grows 8 Day Outfits 6 - (either outfits or additional baby grows) Cardigans 4 (for winter baby) Snowsuit 1 Socks 3 Hats 2 Mittens 2 Shawl 3 Jacket 1 Cot bottom sheet fitted x 3- Stretch cotton - jersey type Cot top sheet flat x 3 - Flat cotton Cotton Blankets Cellular x3 Wool Celluar Blanket x 1 Smooth Cotton Pram Sheets x 6 Baby Quilt Set x 1 For decoration Moses Basket Sheets x 3 Celluar Blankets for Moses Basket x 3 Muslin Squares x 24
esmum Posts: 426
tbh lots. I had about 15 babygros with me to the hospital and went through all of them . At one stage I though I was going to run out. Some babies puke a lot after being born mine was one of those. THe best thing is to check out sizes. New born goes up to 7.5lbs . My baby was 8lbs when born so newborn was never any good for me but 0-3 months seemed huge on her. The best fit imo were Next baby gros which were up to 1 month and 10lbs.same goes for vests etc.
Gingham Posts: 3014
In my opinion in the first few weeks, you just can't have enough vests, babygrows and bibs... I bought so many of each and I was so glad I did, we had awful trouble trying to find nappies for ds that didn't leak so I was going through clothes at a fast rate.. you can though pick them up afterwards but its good to have a good few beforehand for the first few weeks... and buy the babygrows with scratch mits attached...trying to keep scratch mits on a baby is very difficult..and stay away from babygrows which fasten down the back or to the side or any other way then straight down the middle at the front... buy vests which are suitable for the season your baby is being born in can be hard enough to find long sleeve vests, they sell out really quickly so pick them up when your see them.. I got my muslins in ikea and cut them up into smaller ones and found them great... just another thing I found great for anyone who is having a boy.. I got mine on ebay but they saved me so many clothes changes as boys tend to pee up in the air the minute the nappy opens...
JourneyNo2 Posts: 220
Guys wow I thought the opposite really in that I got LOADS of presents and so had mountains of stuff - having said that my baby came early so all extended family had to hit the shops for early baby stuff as he was literally swimming in the newborn vests and babygros. Dont freak out too much - when you are in hospital and think you might be running out I am sure you will have piles of friends and family only too happy to be given the task of picking stuff up for you - and that way you get exactly what you need. A good place to start would be 12-15 vests and 12-15 babygrows - an outfit for going home in - most likly a warm michealan man suit ! And Very Important to get what we called 'spitty cloths' or muslin squares - I constantly had one over my shoulder for the first few weeks. dont forget some little hats also now that its gettign really cold - but you will receive loads of gifts and will most likely end up with more than you need !!!
mrsbf08 Posts: 164
hi ladies, YOu will be shocked at how many babygro's & vests you go through in the first few weeks, I certainley was. The one thing i would say the minute i found out I had a boy i wanted to dress him in blue so he didn't wear much of the white stuff I bought. I didnt buy any newborn stuff and glad i didn't as DS was 9lbs 2oz so they wouldn't have fit :) Got my DH to go out to next the day we had him and pick up some stuff and mostly got either up to 14lbs stuff or 0-3months. You could buy one/ two just to have in your bag in the smaller size. Same with Nappies I had stocked up in Size 1 newborn which was a waste of money was moved quickly onto size 2 and then size 3 in the upcoming weeks. Another great thing to have in your hospital bag is some muslin cloths they are fantastic...especially for the first few months. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll