How many bags are your bringing to Hos & Whats in them?

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Bright Star Posts: 756
Hey Girls, Just wondering on the above... I know i need a labour bag & Hos bag along with bag for bab's things. What/How are ye all sorting these out???I dont want to be bringing a lot of bags to Hos!!! To date i have 1 bag for me and 1 for LO with the following items: Baths Towels x 3 Black Hand Towels x 2 1 Night Dress (For Labour) 2 Pairs of Button Top Pj's 1 Dressing Gown Maternity Pads Breast Pads Underwear (big big Granny Pants & bras :o0 ) Toiletories ( Shampoo, wipes, body spray etc etc) Hair Brush [b:2dmt0xud]Baby Bag:[/b:2dmt0xud] 8 Baby Gros 8 Vests Muslin Cloths 2 Baby Blankets Nappies Sudocream, Cotton Wool Wipes Baby Hat Mittens 2 Cardi's Am i missing anything major here, or are there things here i dont need?? Any advice. What do all you mammys to be have in your bags!!!Many Thanks :wv
Bright Flower Posts: 483
There's lots of advice and ideas in the Sticky above. ... sc&start=0 Your lists look good - the only I'd say is rather than split it into a bag for you and a bag for LO, you should think about 1. What you need for while you are in labour/ just after babs in born 2. What you need for the rest of your stay in hospital. They will usually take this bag to a locker for you and you get it back when you come back to the ward.
RJR Posts: 962
I made the mistake of thinking I had to have everything for the whole hospital stay when I went in - you don't as your DP will be going home at some point so you can leave the rest of your stuff at home for him to bring in (leave it all packed ready at home though as if they're like my DH they'll be too giddy to concentrate on bringing the right stuff!) Realistically, for the first night you're in there you only need - a nightie to give birth in and something cosy to wear after (bear in mind it's BOILING in a maternity ward though - I took a dressing gown and didn't need it), toiletries for your first shower, towel, few pairs of knickers, pads (about 20 should do you for a while), breast pads (shouldn't need many as milk doesn't come in till day 3), one set of clothes for the baby, nappies, cotton wool, muslin cloths. Plus anything like tea tree oil you might need after the birth. The rest of the stuff your DP can bring the next day for you, and take back the dirty stuff. I was tripping over all my stuff by the bed till I copped DH could bring loads back home and just bring in what I needed each day!
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
sorry for the quick hijack but after your shower (after you give birth) what did you change into? just pjs? would you recommend nightdresses (hate them) or proper pj's?
RJR Posts: 962
I changed into PJ's - TMI I know but you do bleed a lot after the birth and PJ's just seemed more 'secure' to me. Plus I never ever wear nightdresses but for some reason bought granny ones to bring in with me, they were vile and I didn't wear any Forgot as well - remember your camera...we didn't manage to get the bag when I got there in labour as DD was crowning so I gave birth in my Dorothy Perkins maternity vest and DH had to run outside after his first cuddles to get the camera. And your phone to phone all the rellies and tell's good to have a list of essentials which your DH can go through before you set off to hospital as it keeps them busy in the early stages while you're at home and makes them feel useful, plus you don't have to think about the last minute stuff!
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
this thread is a great help. going to start hopefully this weekend getting a few bits and pices, just to have it done and dusted :o)ll
Fairywings Posts: 360
I brought 2 bags with me to the hospital when going to have DD. I for me and 1 small bag for the labour ward. I did leave a pile of stuff at home and when Hubby was going home or my mum I wld tell them the few bits to bring in ltr in the day. That way I didn't have to bring everything to the hospital with me. 1 extra thing that I found fantastic was a feeding pillow. So if any of ye are planning on breastfeeding buy one, they are a great comfort and you will def use it. Even if not breatfeeding I found it great to use to prop baby up and just look at all day, :o0 I did leave that in the car and hubby brought it up to me after we were back in the ward. Also as clothes get dirty from baby or yourself, give hubby a bag going home each evening, and any pressies you get in the hospital, that way your not over loaded when going home.
BillieBrowne Posts: 1
Each hospital is different and has different rules on how much you can bring. Most hospitals have a list that they will send you if you call them up. Outside of the list there are a number of things you should bring - witch hazel, tens machine, tea tree oil/ lavendar for baths, arnica for healing, and maybe a hat and cardigan to out on over baby grow (although most hospitals are roasting so there really will be no need) Warm socks and lip balm are essential for labour room alon with small spray bottle for your face or else a face cloth for hubbie to mop your brow. Ok i think thats it!!! :-8