How many BMs are you having/did you have?

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Mrs Princess Sparkle Posts: 3854
Just wondering, as I'm just having one & I think that that's kind of unusual!
mammybean Posts: 10364
i am having 5, i think that is unusual too
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
I'm having three, so I think I'm probably the same as a lot of other people. Not a bit unusual. :o(
ainm Posts: 2211
I'm just having two. Was gonna have just one but then went for two.
bawling Posts: 57
I'm having one - far less hassle and no one else offended.
redb Posts: 347
My sister read about a wedding where three sisters were getting married at the same time and they EACH had 12 BM's.. so 36 bridesmaids in all. If you were a cousin and didnt make the cut, it would be VERY depressing eh?? I'm having two and my best mate is my witness cos she's going to be heavily pregnant by that time.
willful Posts: 6822
Having 3 and a half! The half being my little sis who's 11!
gortbride Posts: 44
One, my hubby to be is an only child so just having his bestman and my eldest sister as my bridesmaid. Not only does it cut down on dresses, shoes, makeup/hair, pressies etc but also on the little disagreements that bridesmaids do have re dresses/shoes etc. I have had two friends that got married recently and said if they could do it again they would only have one. its working for me. I can organise most of the stuff myself but if i need my bridesmaid she is there for me. Dress hunting was so easy, we both agreed on what we wanted before we set out, including colour, maybe as she is my sis we have similar tastes, either way one works for me, only think is top table might be abit on short side, would will work that via table plan somehow
Sunbeam Posts: 2721
I originally had 1CBM and 2BMs, but CBM is now pregnant and has decided she'd prefer not to do it, so having 2BMs but ex-CBM is going to act as witness so that she's still involved.
londongirl Posts: 249
I'm having 4, my sister and 3 best friends and two flower girls H2B nieces. xx