how many bottles do u need :)

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babybuttons Posts: 886
ok im bored hubby watching the footie. so how many bottles do i need to buy for baby? i got tommee tippee sterlisesrs and 3 260ml bottles came with it. how many do i need?? (i dont even know how many times a day u feed a child) :o0 :o0 if baby could read through my tummy it would never wanna come out after reading how clueless i am. :o0 :o0
Martiespride Posts: 997
good question, i havnt a clue either! :o0
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
6 of the larger size bottles will last you forever. But at the start, the smaller ones are better, because, baby takes smaller amounts of milk, and the smaller amounts look lost in the bigger bottles. Normally, at the start, baby will take 6 different bottles every 24 hours, so it all depends on how many times a day you want to be washing and sterelising bottles (and believe me, it becomes a total pain). I'll be opting to buy 6 bottles, so will only need to wash and steralise once per day.
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
You will need 6 I have 8 just in case I don't them cleaned on time I feed DD 7am 11am 2pm 6pm 10pm and now she doesn't wake at night which is the 6th feed. Dont buy too many of the 4oz bottles as you will only use them for a week or two. Be careful to check the teat on the bottles too. Your newborn should be on the 1's. It should be printed on the side of the teat. I didn't know this and we spent an hour checking how many drips came out :o0
mammyof1 Posts: 540
its usually 6 bottles a day. i found 8 bottles great as u can b i bit ahead with sterilising!
Sophia Posts: 117
:o0 Ya I'm bored too, hubby also watching footie!!!!!!! You'll need to make 6 bottles in 24 hours for a new baby so if I were you I'd have between 8 - 10 bottles, good to have spares. We use the fat Tommee Tippee bottles. There is a number on the Tomme Tippee teats so the 3 that you got with the steriliser should have the No. 1 teats.
phananta Posts: 330
hopeforbaby, I'm as clueless as you, and I've a stupid question about sterilisers - was looking at them in a catalogue the other day, most take 6 bottles, but they all say something like 'stay sterile for 6 hours'. But you're obviously not going to use 6 bottles in 6 hours, so do you have to keep sterilising the same bottles as the day goes on? In which case, would it not make more sense to just have a smaller steriliser? Sorry if I'm being really stupid here! :-8
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
I know when I sterilise bottles in the evenings some don't get used for 24 hours and my DD is ok :o0
hipbaby Posts: 4530
I actually had 9 as even though I bottle fed i still fed on demand so DD would take 2oz's here and there throughout the day and i didn't want to be stressing about washing/ sterilising bottles so I had 9 :-8 I also just sterilised once a day i think this 6hour sterilisation is a new thing as the first I heard of it was when my bf had her little girl 4 months ago.. Also best tip ever that I was given is if you are going to bottle feed, give the water at room temp and make them up as and when babs needs them! Get an avent dispenser to help with this. My life literally changed after a friend told me about this! Anyway I am going off topic here ... (20% discount at HipBaby. To avail of this offer type HipRec in the promotional box)
love struck Posts: 1125
hopeforbaby I would go for the 8.. We had 2small ones and 6 bigger ones.. When she start taking more milk she was only on 6 a day...The reason I would recommend this is that then you only need to wash the bottles and steralize them once a day and make them for the next 24hours.. Saves you time in the long run and makes sure you dont go stur crazy making and cleaning bottles...