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Gembira Posts: 847
Girls, This is a last minute problem as you can see from my ticker. I bought 36 bottles of sparkling wine for our toast drink, and we've allowed for the corkage for all 36 bottles so cost isn't an issue. We've been counting up and including kids and non-drinkers, there'll only be 74 people who'll drink any of it. So I've been thinking that if I buy a few more bottles I could split the bottles we have between the drinks reception and the toast drink. My question is how many do you think I need for each? Plus how many glasses should allow per bottle, 4 or 5. We will also have a summer punch, tea and coffee available at the drinks reception, so it wouldn't be the only thing. For the toast, I was allowing for 1 and a half glasses per person and five glasses per bottle. Does this sound about right? Any help much appreciated!! :thnk
cooey Posts: 378
I was told 1.5 per person means 2 people per bottle!!!
Starrynite Posts: 128
You will get six glasses from one bottle of bubbly.
Gembira Posts: 847
I've been sitting trying to work it out. If we have 25 bottles for reception drink and 20 bottles for toast drink. Does that sound ok?
PinkRibbons Posts: 1446
you'll get between 6-8 glasses from bottle bubbly - champagne flutes much smaller and they don't fill them - best to ask the hotel cos they know the size of their glasses O-O
Starrynite Posts: 128
Just did a repy but it seems to have vanished!! I think 25 and 20 is perfect. With 25 you will def get 150 glasses for the reception and with 20 you will def get 120 glasses for the toast. This is plenty for 74 people. Infact if you are just getting the waiting staff to hand out one glass each for the toast you wont even need the 20 bottles. Prob best to have the few extra just incase! Best of luck with it and enjoy your big day :)
Gembira Posts: 847
Thanks so much for all your replies ladies! Can't wait to drink it now! :o0
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
you sound to have plenty there to cover your guests plus with you having the punch as well id say your sorted.