How many bridal shops to visist?

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stellam Posts: 131
Don't know where to start, have only six months to plan wedding! feb08, yes i am mad. don't mind if it ends up beign off the rack though. how many bridal shops did everyone go to??
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
I started off looking at dresses in magazines. Saw THE ONE a Rembo. It was stocked in my local shop. Went in, tried it on, and ordered it. I knew I loved it, and really couldn't be bothered travelling the length and breatg of country trying on a million more dresses :o0 But it took 6 months to come in, so you should get cracking unless you're planning on buying off the rail.
stellam Posts: 131
i've seen my dream dress in a magazine alright, also on american website for a quarter of the price (600euroinclP&P), but i'd feel wrong trying it on in a shop and then not giving them my business. also it's strapless and i always regret buying strapless as i spend the whole time hoisting them up!!! have one place booked for apointment and dressmaker knows my timeline so should be ok - fingers crossed!
garran9 Posts: 4401
Good Luck!!
stellam Posts: 131
cheers - just looking at rembo website, it's amazing, i'd only seen a few pics on bcouture website previously
mrs dalloway Posts: 112
stellam, don't worry about going to a shop to try on a dress and then not giving them the business - i've looked in lots of shops and havent found what i'm looking for yet. if i found a dress on the internet i'd have no problem trying it on in a shop and buying it cheaper on the net. so many shops in ireland are really overpriced anyway! good luck with your search. mcelhinney's in ballybofey apparently sell off the peg so if you're near there could be worth a trip. however, i've heard they dont take appoinments but have a ticket system so you might have to queue for a while.
BlahBlahBride Posts: 2744
alice_ngws Posts: 4
You may surf through the internet before you go out for shopping. One of the good site is the auction site. Some of the gown are good. However, you need some time to search for good dress and especially be cautious to sellers from China. They offer very attractive price but they have many problems as summarized below: 1. Very low selling price and high shipping and handling cost, it means there is no refund/return policy. When the dress is not satisfactory, the sellers will only return the selling price to you. In addition, you have to pay for another shipping cost to send it back to the seller. It is in fact a penalty and no return warranty. 2. Poor dress, which dosen't like the promotional photos. Chinese sellers are using cheap stock material to make the dress. The texture is no good. In addition, the photos they used are copied from other designer gowns sites. The dress is nothing like the photos. 3. Heavy re-stocking fee. The dress costs only GBP20, but the re-stocking fee is GBP30. It is really a penalty policy to the buyer. 4. Made to measure dress does not have return policy. Please note most brides will have lose weight program or pregnant near before the wedding date. Alteration fee at local steamtress should be reserved after buying from China as it takes 2-3 months time to deliver the dress. 5. Chinese seller tends to collect expensive insurance to compensate the cheap selling price, which is illegal. The premium of the dress should be less than 1% of the selling price. Moreover, the insurance should be collected by a registered insurance company or included by the courier. My general advice is to choose a gown from sellers with good reputation and 100% positive feedback. Do not try to buy from sellers with no history to track. Do not buy from sellers with no true refund/return policy. Do not buy a made to measure dress as there is no refund. Do not buy knot off as the dress may differ from the advertising photos. Time is a concern for made to measure gown. Please reserve time and money for local alteration.
mrsptobe Posts: 259
Hi stellam I joined here in the spring I got loads of ideas about what I would like in a bridal dress from here & other web sites so I think I had an image in my head. So for me personally I did not want to look for dresses when I got engaged last year I said I'd wait till I had a year to go, I made two appointments yesterday.. & in the first shop the second dress I tried on that was it I loved it decision made I went to the second shop just in case but nothing compared to the dress in the first shop. I was dreading the whole experience I had visions of travelling Ireland weekend after weekend but now I'm really exited & wish it was in 6 months not in 1 year. :o)ll My advise do some research on the web & have an idea of a few styles you like Good Luck
frankiebabe06 Posts: 518
go to as little as bloody possible...i saw my perfect one in the first shop i went to but nooooo i had to visit more just to be sure (raging with me) now i cant deside, im never good at deciding at the best o times but jesus this is driving me MAD O:|