How many DPO did you get your BFPs?

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JJ07 Posts: 66
Hi Girls Just wondering how many days post ov did you all get your positive tests? I reckon I'm about 16dpo and testing today showed nothing however I do have some symptoms and no sign of AF so just wondering if the same thing happened to many of you? Thanks a mill
montblanc Posts: 385
I was 17 DPO before I tested. Was tired of getting BFN's so waited till I had suspicions (high temp) that I might get a BFP before I tested. Was due AF on day I tested. If you are due AF I'd definately test again, sometimes the tests take a little while to show up a BFP. Best of luck!!
baby-bel Posts: 929
Hi JJ07, To compare you would need to compare luteal phases also as if you have a long luteal phase it would take longer for your BFP to register than someone with a shorter luteal phase. I used the ultra early pg tests and got a BFP at 8dpo, think it showed up on the regular pg tests at 10dpo and luteal phase was 12 days Best of luck :lvs
JJ07 Posts: 66
Thanks girls..........I have a very erratic cycle so not 100% sure when I ovulate, how long my Luteal phase is etc........its all a bit of a guessing game. As I mentioned I think I may be about 16dpo but I could be wrong. Feeling decidedly not like myself at the moment...keep getting sharp pains low down on the right which could be implantation pains (maybe wishful thinking tho!) feeling quesy on and off.....could all be in my head do get obsessed with these things :-8 Guess I'll be patient and keep testing !
jellybaby Posts: 2316
[quote="baby-bel":3p81w0g4]Hi JJ07, To compare you would need to compare luteal phases also as [b:3p81w0g4]if you have a long luteal phase it would take longer for your BFP to register[/b:3p81w0g4] than someone with a shorter luteal phase. [/quote:3p81w0g4] That's not actually true I'm afraid. The only way that the length of your LP is important is that it would need to be 10 days or so to support a pregnancy. Implantation happens at an average of 7-10 days after ovulation, and whether your LP is normally 11 days or 15 days, you could still implant at 7dpo. (And although the average is 7-10 days, it can happen a little later too). It's the hCG that needs to be present in certain amounts before you get your BFP, and it shows up quicker in some womens' systems than others. If you're at 16dpo though that's a good sign, as that's a good lenght - supposedly, if you get to 18dpo, in most cases you'd be pregnant! Best of luck with testing, don't give up hope just yet *)
alton Posts: 3077
I waited until 18 DPO before testing. Aside from all the scientific stuff, I just found that it was crushingly depressing to get a negative pregnancy test and if I tested too early, I would just wreck my head about false-negatives etc. The problem with the early symptoms is that they are so like the symptoms of AF (no one ever told me that being pregnant is like having constant AF pains!) and when you're ttc you get super sensitive to every little thing that your body is doing that you become aware of things that probably always happened but you never took notice of. Try to organise a lot of activity for the second week of waiting so that it's not the only thing on your mind and wait, wait, wait to test. oh, and good luck!