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mini07 Posts: 282
Just wondering how many guests other people are having, we booked our wedding for a thursday in November and got the hotel to agree to No Minimum (normally 150 for a thursday) we didn't want a big wedding at all but now our numbers are at 250, around 100 of these are people we don't even know (parents feel they have to invite certain people), has this happened to anyone else, I feel like it is just spiralling out of control, don't know how we will afford to pay the hotel if everybody turns up.. O:|
icebaby Posts: 846
We invited 203 but had just 150 sitting on the day
Shell L Posts: 435
Hi michelle22 I put my foot down and told both sets of parents as we were footing the bill we were making the choices. They had 10 invites each to choose who they wanted, not including aunts and uncles of course. They accepted it straight off. I have had to many friends who have been stressed about this and I want letting it happen to me. Stand your ground pet and if things are not going the way you both want them, let your parents know. Remember its both your H2B and your day, you need to keep reminding yourself of that. :thnk Shell
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
We have 358 on our list at the moment and are still waiting for parents to give us their numbers and have already cut approx 50 off the list. I don't know how it all adds up so quickly. :duh:
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
Hi Michelle we are limiting our parents to a certain number of people that they are allowed to invite. if my mother had her way all my long lost rellys would be there. we have to keep our numbers down cos its a small venue. so minumum for my parents to invite is 5. the rest can come to the afters, my sister did this and if anyone complained we never heard anything.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
Our numbers won't allow neighbours from our parents etc and to be honest, I am cutting out a couple of old friends, nieces and nephews, whom I would know, as opposed to neighbours who I wouldn't know, which to me wouldn't be fair. We are planning on giving our parents a couple of invites to invite close friends that they want but after that, it's evening invites I'm afraid. Just explain that you don't have the numbers for all these extra people, maybe they might offer to pay for the friends if you would be agreeable to this. I wouldn't rely on them sending wedding regrets by way of controlling numbers as chances are, most of them would jump at the chance of an unexpected day out!
sandy13 Posts: 939
thats good to know im inviting about 240 with 16 kids extra but hoping for about 200/180 would be great if it was 180 or that, it seems every time i look at my list it keeps getting bigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
Wow :eek . Ours has worked out at 120. Don't know how anyone could comtemplate a wedding of 200+ guests but hey that's just me
sandy13 Posts: 939
malefesences, my numbers could easily go in2 the 300 iv had to take off loads i know so many people and h2b has a big family but there's way more going from me, i do think at times im stone mad. sandy
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
[quote:1mzwkrof]Don't know how anyone could comtemplate a wedding of 200+ guests but hey that's just me[/quote:1mzwkrof] :o0 I would be the same, I always wanted a small wedding but tbh I wouldnt know 200+ people to invite anyway! :o0