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ciaraella Posts: 5323
[quote="cgkk":xj9y2gl2]I had myself all geared up for the rush of love I'd feel for him when he was born and the euphoria women talk about, but it didn't come and I cannot tell you how guilty I felt.[/quote:xj9y2gl2] This is how i felt too, it came up in another thread not so long ago. It's like it's a taboo to mention that you didn't feel a huge rush of love. I loved DD of course but i was also fairly delirious with tiredness and drugs so didn't have that bolt of lightning love moment.
wollysocks Posts: 1773
I didn't have bolt of love thing either- didn't help that my glasses were temporarily mislaid and I am blind! Also didn't get skin to skin when dd was born and I was brought to recovery room. I didn't worry at all about it though- I found and am still finding that I love my dd more and more every day...Friends asked me and I have always been honest and said no I didnt get that immediate burst of love- more like amazement and emotion - but the love grew more and more every day. I guess it is like love for a partner- not everyone gets a bolt from the blue- for many people it grows... :wv
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
cgkk, I too have epilepsy and had an emergency section for failure of induction after 16 days overdue last time but had the seizure two days post delivery. I am pushing for an elective section this time but am public. They are saying at the moment that they would do it at 41 weeks if nothing has happened by then but would prefer me to have vbac. I am worried about another seizure, although I can't be induced again so that should make it all less tiring I hope but knowing in advance of an elective section would make life alot less stressful for me to get DS organized with a minder etc. My DH often works nights all around the country and we have about an hour to travel to the hospital, so really not sure what way we will organize things. Either way I don't think they will give a provisional date for section til about 39 weeks. I am going to beg my neurologist to write a letter of recommendation for me for a section but he is a man so not sure how seriously he will take me.