How many invited guests won't come?!

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Molly710 Posts: 110
Hi there, I'm just looking for the experience of those who have already had their weddings or those who are close to their big day. How many of the people you invited didn't come? I had wanted to try keep our wedding around 200 but at the moment the list is 235 and I know there will be a few more by the time we're done! We both have big families that we're close to so it's not like it's 235 random ppl that I'm not bothered about having there but would still like if numbers were a little less as I've heard from brides who have had very big weddings that it can feel impersonal. I'm just wondering what ppls experiences are with numbers and how many of those invited will come! Thanks a million
mrsxtobe Posts: 198
The average is about 10-20%. We have invited 259 and we hope to come down to about 180. We did know that there were people we invited whoalready said they couldn't make it or who we knew couldn't make it about 15-20 people. On top of that i'm hoping for about a 20% decline rate. We posted our invites 2 weeks ago and so far don't have a huge amount of declines but i'm hopeful the numbers will come down to where i want them. so far between replies we have received and people who are booked in to the hotel we are at 150. looking at the remainder there are a good few who are 50/50 so i'm confident we will come down to 180
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I don't think you can really guess this. It would depend on your guests, the day of the week, the time of the year, where the wedding is etc. We had a guest list of 153 and 121 came to the meal. The majority of no's where due to having to fly from USA,Aus,Canada. We also had 2 couples that couldn't come due to sickness.
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Its hard to estimate, depends on all of what was said above by Crafty, also i think location is a big one, if guests have to travel they might be less likely to go due to expense (i think my declines will be big due to this factor) inviting about 210 i am hopeful for 130-140.
mrsxtobe Posts: 198
Don't rely on distance giving you more declines. we are from limerick and getting married in kerry and i thought it would mean that we would get more declines from neighbours etc. Not the case at all. all the people i thought might not come because of travel are so far coming! All of our declines so far are due to Illness, work commitments or living abroad and too far to travel.
poppingcandy Posts: 593
It really can vary so much from wedding to wedding, but I reckon average would be 15 - 20%, less obviously if it is a small wedding. We invited 153 and had 117. I had wanted Max 120 so worked out well for us.
whereland Posts: 472
We invited about 250 and had 205. I guarantee that people you think will decline will come and a few people you were sure would come, won't! Impossible to predict.
T2015 Posts: 42
We invited 223 all our invites are back now wev 159 going, more declined than we thought we hoped for 180, some people we thought would defo. Go declined and some we were sure wouldn't (from over seas ect) are coming. U just never know! I would say if your inviting over 200 expect 20% decline.
CoolInterestingUserName Posts: 326
We invited 156 RSVP deadline was Monday just gone So far we have 113 yes and 12 no I know there will definitely be another 5 yes (direct family who just haven't officially RSVP'd) Waiting till tomorrow before gently reminding people to F**king RSVP!! :) We wanted it to be around the 130 mark and I'm hopeful thats in and around where it will be As others said we have had yes's we were sure would be no's and visa versa! You never can tell for sure!! :eek
pinkerbelle10 Posts: 705
We invited 250 and 180 came. We actually had a few people who rsvp'd no but actually showed up on the day! We didn't mind though as a couple of them were surprises from long distance and another one had decided to only go to the church but then in the excitement of the day decided on going to the reception too lol!