How many nights in CUMH

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Venus Bride Posts: 456
Hi Girls Just wondering on your first baby, ,how many nights were you kept in CUMH ? Thx
*coolaboola* Posts: 374
i'd be interested to hear this too... mad to think that we might see each other in the hospital! :wv
rushinbride Posts: 1097
I was in hospital about 3wks ago (CUMH) going on the girls in the ward... 1 girl had her baby 5wks early on the friday evening, and was being released sunday was good weight tho (6lb 3oz - good for 5wks early like) another girl had a section on the Wednesday afternoon and was released Saturday morning...these were based on healthy mothers and babies!! Hope that helps... Having said all sister had her baby in april on a friday and was released saturday her own request tho...if you ask and all is fine with babs and mother, they'd let ya home early!!
kala Posts: 1937
i had my first baby 4 weeks ago in cumh. he was a week early and 61b 2 oz. i went into labour myself but had an emergency c section at the last minute. i should have been in for 4 nights with the section- but i asked to go home a day earlier and because all was ok with me and baby i was left out after 3. i went into labour monday evening he was born tues morn and i came home friday instead of saturday. if you are breast feeding they keep you at least 3 days. also if baby is jaundice they will keep you in until the levels are normal to let you go home. my little fella had a bit but because he was within the normal levels we were left home, but a friend of mine was kept in an extra day because her baby was above normal levels. the girl in the bed next to me who had a normal birth and it was her first baby was left home after 2 nights. hope this helps. xxxkala