How many points in an egg?

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puggle Posts: 848
Can anyone please tell me know many ww points are in an egg (medium size)? Thanks :thnk
may2008 Posts: 455
1.5 points
puggle Posts: 848
Thanks May08. Had four :eek :eek eggs yesterday (scambled egg for lunch and two soft boiled eggs for wanted to use them up before they want out of date!
Joleigh Posts: 4242
I always end up over dosing on eggs to use them before the sell by date. Love your puppy avatar puggles!
micksmrs Posts: 931
Quick tip, egg whites are 0 points so for omlettes and scrambled eggs why dont you omit the yolk and just use the whites. One full egg + 2 whites gives you a good sized lunch or dinner at only 1.5 points the amount for just one egg.
puggle Posts: 848
Great tip J4M. I'll try that next time. I don't buy eggs very often but they were yummy yesterday. Most start buying them more often! Thanks Joleigh - I tried to get a puggle avatar but couldn't get one in the right size.