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flowerb Posts: 126
Just had my 14 week scan last week and my next scan isn't until I'm 31 weeks. I know that 2 scans is normal when you're public and if you don't have any complications. I was thinking of going for a private scan when I'm around 20 weeks just for piece of mind. Is anyone else considering having more than the standard 2 scans? Also, if you went private how many scans do you normally have? O:o)
Daff Posts: 11644
I was SP last time and public this time (midwife clinic) and only got one scan each time, well that's what they say but got a really quick one on booking appointment on each too but barely got to see anything. Cause of this I had private ones. Had early scan on both cause my hospital scan wasn't til 20 weeks. Then also had 3D scan done on both at 28 weeks - that was amazing!
flowerb Posts: 126
Ya I'm seriously considering having the 3D scan as well. It just looks incredible to be able to see certain features so clearly. I really don't know how our parents coped years ago if they had any doubts or worries...private scans are just a life saver! :o)ll
SparkleX Posts: 1057
I think it's a good idea to go for a scan at 20 weeks, to give you peace of mind if nothing else. It's quite a long gap otherwise. I am going private and get a scan at every visit (every 4 weeks) which gives me great reassurance. Though my Mam reminds me that they didn't have scans at all in her day & they got on just fine :)
pinky winky Posts: 564
I'm 16 weeks and so far Ive had 3 :-8 I'm going private and my consultant told me she will scan me on each visit but I don't think that is the norm it just depends on each consultant. My DH keeps telling me our baby will be radioactive from all the scans lol but I don't care they are just so reassuring. I thought everyone got an anomaly scan around the 20 week mark? I'm probably wrong. Would love a 3/D scan they look amazing!
flowerb Posts: 126
I thought the same but no you don't hence why I'm having the private scan at 20 weeks. I just couldn't wait for the 31 weeks to see my LO again :o)ll Plus the 20 week scan will give me reassurance.