How many Size 1 nappies?

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barneyrubble Posts: 252
Did you use?? Gonna stock up on size 1&2 over the next few weeks but don't want to have too many? How many did you roughly use? :thnk
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
We used 3 packs of size 1, about 6 packets of size 2. Then size 3 for about 3months. It depends on size of LO. DS was 6lb14.
Babymad1 Posts: 82
We started off on size 2 (we thought "sure our baby wouldn't be small enough for size 1!") and then after our first pack we went back to size 1 and after 4 weeks we're still in size 1. We're thinking of moving up to size 2 again when we run out of the ones we've bought. Btw Tesco (the yellow packet ones) and the aldi ones are grand...won't be buying pampers any time soon as we're very happy with Tesco and Aldi.
Momster Posts: 442
hi guys might be a bit of a stupid question but when you say a pack, how many nappies are in a pack? also re the aldi ones, do they do newbown nappies? we usually go to lidl but they only do larger ones so would travel to aldi if they do newborn ones!
mommylicious Posts: 836
My ds was in size ones up to about 10 weeks?! Then into the 2s but I find the tesco 2s too small but the pampers 3s too big! It's hit and miss. I should add they were pampers size 1s. Aldi now do the 3s not sure about smaller sorry.
Daff Posts: 11644
dd2 was 8lbs 5, she's now about 10.5lbs and still in size one at 7 weeks. I put a size 2 on her today and it leaked after a few hours O:| while size one she could wear all day :-8 and never leak.
barneyrubble Posts: 252
Thanks folks Think I'll get a few of each....can get more if needed then