how many stags do men need??

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Gingham Posts: 3014
canary island stag, the dublin stag....the work stag..the football lads stag...ive had about enough to be honest...what is it with men and needing so many nights....ive no problem with H2B going out but were saving for a wedding and its gettin rediculous at this having one hen and thats it!! grrr sorry just having a rant!
she Posts: 3298
I swear this pisses me off..........I can draw the limit at 2, one weekend and then a night at home but FFs it starts to go beyond a joke with the lads........ H2b's friend got married last year and the lads must have went out for about 5 stag nights including a weekend away,,,,,,,,absolute joke and taking the piss....... I'l be divorcing mine before I get married if he starts >:o( :o0
x_x Posts: 1823
Really, I think he'd only be into having the one, I'd say I will be the one guilty for the too many hens!!
Gingham Posts: 3014
two is away one and then a dublin one but its getting beyound a joke at this stage....hes arranging the football lads one as we speak!!! i dunno you would swear they will never set foot outside the door once they get married!!
Mrstobe10 Posts: 1793
think he will be having one for the lads and one where my family can go!!! i dont mind - I dont want to know anything that goes on!! :o0 :o0
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
My DH had only one stag and then a night out with some of the lads 2 nights before the wedding. I'd have been really annoyed if he'd tried to have more. Does he think he'll never get to go out again????
newyear08 Posts: 580
I know H2B is planning on having 3 same as me :-8 One this weekend away with his mates, night out with lad's he works with & third is night in his parent's house ( not really stag as such as his Mother want's to have a send off for him as sucj - he has not lived @ home in yrs :o0 :o0 ) I'm also doing w/e away - out with workmates and night with aunty's etc in my parents house. Looking forward to it all really :-8 :o0 :o0
jmeath Posts: 5740
ONE stag...ring everyone...the important people who care enough will go regardless....
Aussie Bride Posts: 51
Mine is having 2 which is OK (one here in Australia and one in Ireland), but it does annoy me that they behave like they are about to be locked up...never again to see the light of day!!!
Bigbirds Posts: 7
SHE - are you having a laugh? God help your future husband ... chill a bit or you wont have a h2b with the way you are going on! He has a life too....