How many towels (the horrible type!) to bring to hospital

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sunnyside Posts: 3164
Am hoping to get hospital bag ready this week. I'm going to have one main bag with all my bits and pieces for after the birth and then a very small bag for labour. Just wondering how many sanitary towels I would need to pack in my hopsital bag. And should I keep some out for labour bag?? Would one do for labour bag? Also will I be using these for long at home? The hospital I'm attending normally keeps people in only 24 hours (even with first baby :eek ) if there's no problems so I don't think I'll need too much for hospital. Also same re: nappies for baby- how many should I pack and should I just keep one out for the labour bag?
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
Hey! Midwife recommended 2 packs of maternity pads for the hospital bag, 1 pack of new born nappies. And 1 nappy and 1 maternity pad for the labour ward - i've packed about 5 of each though, just in case!
Blackbird Posts: 5135
You will go through loads of maternity pads but they have them in the hospital so don't worry about running out. I would bring two packs at least for starters and see how you're getting on. You have to change them at least every 4 hours, even if the bleeding isn't all that heavy. You might find that you need to wear two at a time for maximum coverage! I was doing that for a while. It provides a nice bit of padding when you're sitting down as well! I packed a nappy and a maternity pad in my labour bag but didn't need either. You definitely won't need 5 of each in your labour bag. They put a nappy on the baby and they give you maternity pads in the labour ward. I had one on when they broke my waters because they want to keep an eye on the colour of the fluid and look out for a show. Have extra packets of maternity pads left out at home where DH knows to find them and then he can bring them into you. I stayed in hospital three nights and I needed a good few pairs of pyjamas as well as they get stained and you'll be sweating like mad as well for a good while after (the glamour of it all!). Good luck with it!
Delish Posts: 4176
Brring about 3 packets of the big huge massive green ones they sell in chemists. They are the best ever as they cushion your poor bum when you arer sitting down. You can't get enough of them.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I ended up using loads from the hospital for the first couple of days. I had a section so the bleeding wasnt too heavy and i switched to normal night ones within a week. I used to change my pjs about 3 times a day cos the sweat poured out of me especially when i fell asleep, it was so bad that not joking i could nearly wring them out, i think the horrible plastic mattress didnt help. I packed a nappy in labour bag along with hat and babygro and vest. Oh my God i remember the midwife asking for the clothes to warm on the radiator as the baby would be born soon. :lvs :lvs :lvs Thats when it hit me i was having a baby !!!!!
whackywoman Posts: 1496
as already said you will probably need lots of matrnity towels. most hospital shops sell them. also they are very good for padding if you have piles or stitches down below (hence why I went through piles of them). Boots also do a cheap version for when the bleeding is almost gone (mine stopped about 4 weeks after DD was born and then a week later I got AF) so you will probably use them. hospital will put a nappy on the baby, just have clothes handy to put on your baby as DH had a panic attack trying to find something for the baby to wear.
wombats Posts: 665
I think you could need more than 1 for the labour bag, if your waters break you'll prob be wearing 2 at a time in emergency room etc. so throw in a packet.