How many weight watchers points in Whole Nut Dairy Milk?

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HappyGal Posts: 261
I just ate 6 squares from the big bars... couldn't help it :-8
podgeandrodge Posts: 886
i think its 1pt per square :wv
Chococat Posts: 1632
Really!!!!!????????? That's not bad, I might go buy one now.
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Its a point per square of chocolate im sure the nuts means its higher.
oharetobe Posts: 367
It says in the "eat Wisely" book that Chocolate, any type, 2 Squares (14g) is 1 1/2 points
maybemama Posts: 243
Think a bar of hazelnut is 8 points; do you mean the big bars or the huge bars? Because I think the squares in the huge bars are actually smaller than the normal bars. Does that even make sense :o0 O:|