How many WW points in a Cadburys Cream Egg?

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Twinkley Posts: 306
Does anyone know how many WW points there is in a Cadburys Cream Egg? I'm addicted!!
come dine with me Posts: 306
No idea but you know yourself it way tooo many!And can you believe it an easter egg is 30pts!!!I ate a whole one for my dessert tonight ooops >:o) :o0 >:o)
Serendipity2009 Posts: 1224
No idea on WW points, but there is 175 calories per egg.
blackcat Posts: 28
As far as I know it's 3 and a half points :(
Trixy3 Posts: 2041
Girls have ye tried the new frozen ww desserts there is a banoffie pie one and a chocolate one...omg they are yummy and only 3 points :lvs :lvs :lvs
glitterhub Posts: 441
2 1/2 points :wv
Twinkley Posts: 306
Well if its 2 1/2 points I wont feel so guilty about having one. Wont be going near an Easter egg though!! :o0
ledzepmad Posts: 45
it is definitely 3.5 points I am ww automoton the last five years so are crunchie bars, cadbury ripples, mars planets and 35g bag of malteasers..... good for a choccie fix.
adealsadeal Posts: 60
Yep its 3 and half points! curly wurly (dont think i spelt that right!) is 2 nad half and chomp is 2 points! :thnk
glitterhub Posts: 441